Ball and blade

Fanart of Block Tales, using my character and my friend’s. I took baller, he took knight, thus leading to this team comp where he’s the DPS and I’m the support.

Updated Version:

Old Version:

(I’m the goober on the right, he’s the one on the left)


anyone who says baller is a support is going to be hit by :o: :o: BALLER TECHNIQUE :o: :o: [LinebounceXBallerXUp Ante]

Linebounce + Baller + Free Poison (from another player) + First strike bonus.

4 base damage per enemy plus 3 poison. Maximum damage is 28 over 4 enemies.


Knight and baller users when I introduce a new subclass: Brick wall
brick wall

I once saw someone with a counter-focused build they had like 2 defense and that one thorns card.

I’d like to see that build stand up to the horror that is hardmode freezing stab

I’d like to see anything stand up to that, holy smokes. Hardmode was not the most balanced idea ever made.

Hardmode is basically dodge or die


Oh god imagine this and hp+ as max level

Except you can’t dodge.

So it’s really just die.

That too.


Oh yeah, that too.

I abuse the heck outta that condition.

Imagine soloing the pit on hard mode. Anyone who has done that is actually fatherless

My one complaint about the game is the proc chance system. It feels weird to have an RNG mechanic in a mostly skill-based game. I’d say either have skills always proc, proc after being applied twice, or just have the enemy be immune.

A 40% xp increase really isn’t worth it if you’re taking 3x the damage and can’t even dodge it

It’s really not. And I don’t think it was intended to be. I think the idea was to make the game more challenging—issue is, it just makes some things straight up impossible. Like, you’d take 12 damage from Unexpected Zooming on a successful block, and you can’t dodge. Basically, you’d be screwed in the pit if just 2 of the statues use that move, even with buffed defense.

Has anyone even beaten the pit on hard mode? If so, I hope they recover from this mental illness