Basically the minecraft mob vote:

We have:

Button pusher
Moving hopper
And finally, f3 menu

Two cool/imo good things about the copper golem. It is craftable and it gives some extra use to copper, that being said randomly pushing copper buttons isn’t exciting in any way. Redstoners might have a use for it.

I thought Glare was cool at first but the appeal died down to me, especially when you mention it just being one of the basic functionalities of the F3 menu

Lastly, my boy, Allay. Useful mob with pretty wide applications that could be interesting. Personally I would use a TNT duplicator, blow the fuck up an area, and have them pick up stuff (whatever I needed). Not the most efficient means but hey it’s an application of their skills.


Allay doesn’t duplicate items, it gathers similar items nearby that were dropped. It’s a mobile hopper. Definitely has good potential in things

More like

Fidgety Robot
Fairy in a note-block revering cult
Nyctophobic Moss

Not what they meant

Problem is tnt would blow up any item you want to steal

My own opinions

Button pusher has no practical use other than looking cool or being a cheaper redstone clock that breaks on a single use?

Allay is a fairly good thing because a moving hopper would be very useful until Java gets moving tile entities.

Fuck f3 menu


My personal opinions

  1. The glare definitely has a sort of cute design. Out of the 3 though, I find as though this is more of a use for newer players and not average or older ones. I’m pretty sure I’m aware of an area is dark enough for mobs to spawn in.

  2. Allay seem pretty cool and immediately look like Vexes. I wonder if there some sort of correlation to their designs as one is happy and one look sinister? The concept of gathering dropped items is pretty cool and a very useful idea and it’s basically like a moving hopper as many people have already described. I also really like how it dances to music which can be seen as something pretty cute.

  3. I can think of a couple ways that the Copper Golem could be useful as it seems as though having something push copper buttons at random could be something interesting. I so far think that it has a pretty cute design as it’s almost like a mini iron golem but copper. I don’t really like the oxidization aspect but in the end it makes sense. It can also be very interesting to see oxidized copper golems in a building setting and off the bat I can think of some sort of Chinese Terracotta Army type of thing.

My Picks

  1. Allay
  2. Copper Golem
  3. Glare



Is that bee armour? This will bee very interesting and I wonder if it’s something like Terraria where it’ll let you hover up above the ground but not too high?

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I’m sorry, I saw an opportunity for a dry joke and I took the sting.

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O yea u right I didn’t read all of it

Never said it could. A TNT duplicator is a thing that people can make now and use to destroy a lot of area in a short amount of time with little effort. The Allay could just pick up the items you’ve blown up.

Yeah, that would hinder it’s efficiency. Ideally you’d use it a bit, say launch 2-3 pieces of TNT then send them out to collect what you want and once they’re done you turn it back on to start it over again.

Yea I realized that

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Copper golem gives more uses for copper and can be REALLY and I mean REALLY helpful for red stoners
resdstoners only

Glare isn’t useful like the other two IMO but it can have HUGE implications on lore
atleast some

allay on the other hand is cute, loves music and can transport items VERTICALLY
immeasurable farm potential
now we have a true slave instead of villagers

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oh wait
As @StarForNights said, allay looks oddly similar to vexes…
anyone whos watched game theory would know
that it

hopefully allay now once more

instead of large amounts of iron all you need is a ghost slave, as well as a lead and a nametag (and a few noteblocks)


It’s not useful for redstoners, nearly at all wdym unless copper buttons emit a different red stone power

i dont care about its functions i just love that the allay can dance

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