Berserker vs weapon players

Using weapons is kinda cringe…just spam abilities

And bro with 3k hp dealing shit ton of damage is ok? (how is this even legal :skull: )

And no, he did’nt ran, he just kept distance, not all builds are close ranged.

You seen the pulsar spammers yet? Shit do 1.2k dmg with the size of sailor lodge :skull:

For weapons you can legit fly because you have 3 different mobility moves that do dmg but also fly a few meters :skull:

incorrect, weapon users CANNOT fly.
they can only use 2 mobility skills mid air before having to touch the floor.
fun fact, you can also do what they do with berserker (rush + crash)

Even then, they can still tempest the shit out of you and nullify every projectile while dealing dmg

The local berserker on their way to hit you with rushdown into smash, dealing UNAVOIDABLE damage:
The local warlock on their way to excell in both zoning and rushing:
The local conjurer on their way to obliterate you in 3 seconds with Magma infused Mountain Wind:
The local mage on their way to spam metal pulsar:
if you somehow cant tell what im getting at, every class is busted in their own way.

If they’re all busted then there shouldn’t be meta…just saying. Also, what you said is also inaccurate. Using rushdown then smash won’t work sometimes because of the height. If the target is too high and you rush, it would just hit him down without any stun

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Im explosion mage, and i can fly with my 5 duration ash leap

Seeing you start a fight with low heat makes me want to cry inside.

5 use leap lets u jump off 1 cm from the ground

Bro, imagine using 5 use leap for vertical mobility.


I can’t tell but the dashing hurts my eyes

undeniable fact:
mage is the least mobile
berserker is the most mobile


Man completely forgot warlock and warlord existed

mf all i said was whos the most mobile and whos the least
my statement is true, berserker has the most movement and mage has the least

Warlock and Warlord have far more mobility than berserker


It’s uncanny how similar it is to a Veilside Mazda RX-7 .

Poison tooth dagger: