Best fishing rod in AO (Pity system)


Since fishing and sunken farming is stressful in both WoM and AO, our god and saviour Vetex decided to add a new feature called pity , it will give player 1 sunken each 3k catches. Some might say that its bad decision adding it because it will lower price of sunken, but you know what?


But a new question arise, what is new best fishing rod?

What WAS best fishing rod in WOM?

Due to WOM not having this new and cool pity system, players usually relied on their luck…Some catched sunken witning 500 tries, but some went 8000 catches with no sunken…And so people wanted to optimize their sufferings.

Best WOM fishing rod was Collector’s rod with Lure enchantments (Lure collector)


Long answer

Warning: You need to have brain to understand

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Luring Collectors is dead, long live Luring Bronze

Short answer

User by the name of @Level (also known as “Mortal who beaten the Leader” or just “Math God”), made a small and simple table explaining that Luring collector is best because…

Luring Collector’s is better because it uses less bait and is quicker because fishing speed doesn’t include reeling in and re-casting which would put its score at ~1.25

Fishing Rod Item chance Lure Sunken over time score
Magnetic Collectors 1.5 0.8 1.2
Luring Collectors 1.25 1.05 1.3
Magnetic Bronze 1.05 1.25 1.3
Luring Bronze 0.8 1.5 1.2

What IS the best rod in AO

Luring Bronze / Bronze rod with Luring enchantment

And now lets talk why.
As i said above, a pity system was added in AO, so now players dont need to rely on their luck, but rather on how fast they can catch those 3k catches. And the best way to do it, is to get fishing rod with fastest catching rate, and its Luring Bronze.

Average amount of time needed for a catch with Luring Bronze is around 16 seconds (average of 20 catches is 16.87 sec), and so with a power of math, we can calculate following

In order to get 3k catches with Luring Bronze, we need ~14 hours

16.87 x 3000/ 60/60

16.87 - average time in seconds for catch
3k - catches we need for sunken
(16.87 x 3000)/60 - minutes
(16.87 x 3000)/60 /60 - hours

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Mage gang has nothing to do with this.

I regret trying to read that post but I think I understood it (kind of).

magnetic collectors >

and magnetic collectors will stay on top

This reminded me that I never properly looked into the idea of only reeling in item bags. I remember being busy with school right after making the rod comparisons, and probably just forgot about it afterwards.

At least now I know what I’m doing today… Or tomorrow… Or the day after…

Only reeling item bags with luring collector’s still better