Best magics for mages?

probably gonna make a mage file with my shadow mage, but I’m honestly not super crazy over shadow so I’m gonna swap magics.

the question is, what do I swap it to.

I was thinking crystal magic or wood idk

if it’s not already balanced, this game gets balance changes, so there wont be best magic. Should be obvious since you can choose any magic.

Bro did you even play World of Magic? They rarly balance gameplay. I mean NPC’s have infinite stamina and mana(and can swim faster than a caraval) and a weapon build can destroy anything. The only balance they every really did was nerf paper. This game has meta builds just like other unbalanced games.

actually why is this a thing :skull:

Sand’s pretty good
Glass looks so fucking cool
Same for Ash
the best would probably be determined by your playstyle

Bro I literally keep dying from pirates because ill shoot their ship down with ease and then piss off a max level captain that just chases my ship across the ocean slowly destroying it. And I cant fight back because they can 2 shot me.

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this game’s more balanced than WoM but the magic’s differences aren’t absurd enough like in WoM to have a single best magic, there’s now just good magics and mid magics.

L, I have a decent time with that

You can always run 2 or 3 of the same magic, in order to reduce it’s spell cooldowns. Become a master of light conjuring, or even a stoneshaper prodigy!

IIRC you can’t pick the same magic for your 2nd magic. that feature was in AA because of fusing magics but not here

ok just havent looked at the stats much. Going off my previous knowledge. Also weapons are still op(which makes sense but magic should be just as strong). Not that magic isnt strong but the balance between them is mid. Like weapons take no stamina except for special attacks, while a basic magic attack takes 1/6 your mana.

I remembered reading a trello or patch notes bit mentioning that they made it so the cooldown of 2 identical magics is merged together, rather than it letting you double cast the same spells using both. Maybe I’m wrong

you probably max level unlike me

the fuck are you talking about, AO’s magic doesn’t take a 6th of your mana at any point of the game besides really early game.

I got a level 70something character and a max level one and gotta say, even as the level 70 they’re not “I get two shot” hard, they’re still hard though

I was stuck on the escape ravena quest because of that lol my ship would either get destroyed or I would die to the million npc’s chasing after me

More of an exaggeration but still you get my point. To both replies lol. Its hard to fight a captain that’s 20-40 levels higher than you that has inf mana, spams attacks, and continuously jumps in and out of the ocean.

yeah no IDK what you might’ve seen about that but you can’t pick the same magic twice in AO

Magic is on par with Weapons (and maybe better but I haven’t tested it entirely yet) you just either
need a bit of aim
or have a decent bit of power to pick up for your magic’s lack of power
attack size also helps.

You dont get what im tryna say. Magic has to be replenished(not saying it shouldn’t have to be) while melee can just run up to you and spam, or shoot you with a gun constantly. I feel like weapon builds are op(which I will test with my free file as a pure weapon build). Its more of DPS(also raw power wise magic loses) Early and mid game magic is really weak compared to weapons. I dont know about magic weapons though.