Big man in da continent: the second time big man is in da continent (gore warning, i think)

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As Stol exited the warm, ancient grasslands, he was greeted by an immediate change…the colour of grass was now a much darker green with trees scattered about. He pulled out a note from his pocket, his finger covering up most of the bottom half. Due to a habit of his, he spoke to himself while reading the note:
‘‘So, I gotta go around killing some Scouts, and…do something with the Bell in Bell Village? I swear, all of these criminal organizations always want me for something. Well, I still get paid. Off to go cause chaos in Bell village.’’

After walking for a bit, he entered Bell village. Due to his monstrous size, everybody in the village immediately went into panic. He facepalmed to himself, before walking up to one of the citizens. The citizen stood in fear, with their heartbeat being felt in their neck. Stol then grabbed the citizen, slamming them into a wall of Bell Village. The citizen died instantly, smashing the wall open. Stol threw their body at the Bell of the village, ringing it loudly. He pulled up his note again, talking to himself:
‘‘Ohhh, I’m supposed to just…steal the wholeass bell? Well, I guess I can do that.’’
He lifted his foot into the air, as wind seeped out of it. He them stomped, as a large shockwave came from his foot and he launched himself to the Bell. After barely landing on the edge of the tower, he grabbed the Bell and started to pull. Right after the first swarm of soldiers enter the village, he finally rips it off.
(i have my doom music on now when writing this, prepare)

Stol immediately charges at a solider, carrying a bell with one hand. He grabs the solider by the head, before he crushes it with barely any effort. He then stands, staring at the soldiers as the dead solider stands beneath him. He is then barraged by several multi-blasts, with plenty of screaming and sizzling. He quickly charges up a punch as wind comes out from it, slowing down the blasts. Despite all the odds stacked against him, he reflects all of the blasts back with a shockwave from his fist. The blasts are splattered everywhere, killing soldiers and citizens alike. Buildings fall all around, crushing soldiers.

Stol stares down, looking at a solider and a small child. They are huddled together, terrified of what’s going to happen. He walks to the solider, pulling out his axe. He strikes down, slamming his axe through the solider’s chest. His head snaps the child, as he pulls his axe out of the solider. He raises it up, before he holsters it. He kneels down, putting his hand on the solider’s lower jaw. He rips it out, giving it to the child. He stands back up, with the child crying. He walks away, exiting the village with the Bell stolen.

After walking along the path, several beams of wood fly out towards Stol. He quickly dashes backwards, hiding behind a tree as it’s destroyed. As he stares out, he notices wood falling down from the sky. He looks up, seeing a Captain propelling themselves with wood to float. The Captain calls out,
‘‘I know what you’re capable of, Stol. The rest of the platoon fled after seeing what you did…though I’m not like them.’’

Stol stares at the captain, pulling out his Halberd. He quickly runs to the Captain, jumping to them and dragging them down. After managing to slam them onto the floor, he pushes their head down as the earth below them cracks. He punches the Captain’s stomach several times, before they unleash an explosion, making a massive wooden cube knocked Stol away. His cheek bleeds, as it slowly drips onto the ground. He quickly unleashes a shortly-charged shockwave from a backhand, sending the Captain flying into a tree. He charges at the Captain, smashing his axe into their shoulder as he slices vertically, taking off their arm entirely. He rips the axe out the tree, before slamming it into the Captain’s knee. He punches the Captain several times in the face, slowly breaking the tree behind them. He then walks off, grabbing the Bell which he had dropped earlier. He goes to the Captain, slamming the bell against their head. The tree immediately breaks, as the Captain falls to the ground. Stol rips out the axe from their knee, before stomping their head into a pulp. He walks away, back to the Bronze Grasslands.

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