Biggest upsides of AO [stop putting in greenwish cultist staff]

write what you think are some of the BIGGEST upsides of AO (and it’s gameplay and mechanics)

Greenwish cultist staff

Weapon skill customization is a w!

the customisable magic system

The attention to detail.

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Greenwish cultist staff

Greenwish cultist staff

Bro what is so good about greenwish cultist staff it can’t even use sparrow thrust


Greenwish cultist staff

Anyway, one of the upsides of AO are definitely the island and map designs. Likely most other Roblox games where there are huge, detailed maps with literally nothing in them, each island and location in AO have things to do or collect in them.


Iron staff is better cuz it can actually use sparrow thrust

Nuh uh Greenwish cultist staff > Iron staff

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greenwish cultist staff

biggest upside? its an actual functioning roblox game made with high effort. it isnt some simulator or “afk to earn rewards” game. its an actual game that isnt hellbent on microtransactions. because of that, its respectable


What is wrong with y’all saying greenwish cultist staff is the best upside of ao

I kinda like that the game is going to be continuously updated for the next couple years. Im anticapating so much cuz vetex has promised alot and has delivered pretty well thus far. I think clan building or alignment update maybe when we have both the game will feel pretty complete.

Idek if im on topic im like on 2 hours of sleep rn

The attention to detail and exploration. Release of new islands is one of my most anticipated things when a new update arrives just because all islands have a cool design and some form of uniqueness

One of the most appealing things to me in AO is the amount of builds that can be made while most of them remain fresh, unique, and sometimes even funny.
Stat builds changes the way you fight as a whole, armor builds changes what part of your stat build you exploit and therefore have you learn how to exploit it, and the variety of magics/fighting styles all with their usually unique gimmick and performance makes it all the more interesting.

Though of course that too is a downside, as the metaslaves will always find a way to make things boring by being so overpowered that the only way to fight back against them would be to join them, causing all of these possibilities to be uniform to one another and the spectrum of used magics/fighting styles, reduced (can we talk about how the fact that magics are supposed to be randomly awakened lore-wise isn’t being respected by the community due to the natural instinct to have better chances than others?).
They are one of the bigger reasons as to why I gave up on pvp (which was something that I otherwise would have been interested in) and also why I’m now into making stupid builds like my most recent “beach” warlock (sand magic + sailor style)