Bitter Memories

Another person was wounded fatally. In the following weeks since the Healer had restored the old man’s hand, strange occurrences have been frequently happening throughout the land of Magius.
Multiple people had been reported dead or missing, blackened corpses found scattered through the Whispering Forest. The increase in violence didn’t do the Healer any good either, people were coming in droves to the fortress of Summer Hold, where he was forced to heal them as per his agreement with King David Silver.

Oh, how he wished the King was dead.

When his village was attacked by the notorious Death magic user, Regan Auburn, he had been taken into Summer Hold by the Magic Council, seeing as he was the only survivor of the attack. A whopping 50 people had died that day. King David was interested in his freshly mutated Life magic, which was the sole reason why his wounds had been able to seal up. Ever since then, the King personally trained him, pushing his Life magic to the limits so he could heal the people of Summer Hold and beyond.
Which would be a noble cause, ignoring the fact that he was brutally whipped to the point of near-death when he ran out of energy to heal somebody. The King did not make him heal people for free. Regardless of what a person may think, whenever the King made him heal someone, that person’s tax is increased by 57%. And right from his childhood, the suffering began.

It was honestly sickening. The King was sickening. He wanted to escape this hellhole called Summer Hold. He wanted to rid himself of the sight. He wanted to forget this chapter of his life entirely and start anew.
But alas, those were only hopeless dreams…


I like this. This is interesting. It shows the darker side of David Silver I would’ve like to see in WoM. He could be a possible force against the protagonist.
it seems like an interesting story that can unfold.

David doesn’t exist anymore

I’m going off the old lore.
When he did exist.

Existence, is a fickle thing