Blox- i mean Innovation Awards nominees have started!
nominate AO :nod:


i’ll nominate it when my connection’s not shit, hopefully it wins something

AO’s experience link


I don’t have Twitter, can’t nominate it. :cry: To anyone who does have Twitter: NOMINATE IT NOW!


Hope AO gets an award, vetex really deserves it after all the work he’s gone through

arcane odyssey deserves the reward!!!11

(only best new experience or best immersive environment)

quicky we must make vetex win a INNOVATION award! link for those who want the direct link

(smoll necrobump) VOTE FOR AO

Ah perfect



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Might as well

Alright, did it

apparently if you do it on multiple devices you can vote more than once

i genuinely wonder if ao can beat other new releases this year like voxlblade

ao is great, but at the same time it has a lot of flaws

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but at the same time


kinda doesn’t have a very navigable map overall
dragging down the experience.

meanwhile ao’s only navigation flaw
is fog and nighttime
but potions are gonna make it so that’s less of an issue

huge W if ao even gets nominated for the awards

Already voted AO and such, I believe that AO can win some awards but I seriously doubt it will win against games like pilgrimmed, or Voxlblade not because of gameplay or anything (voxlblade gameplay is ass!!!) but most likely to do with hype. And that is also assuming people don’t mass nominate games like Pet Simulator X or Blox Fruits :skull:

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i cant wait for fucking blox fruits to win best immersive environment