Boss Compensation Poll

Just amassed a bunch of ideas I saw and decided to organize it into a poll to see what people think about these ideas, you can choose more than 1!

  • Keep boss weapons, no change (very unlikely)
  • Keep boss weapons but rename them to fit the lore (Ie. Oathkeeper —> Forgotten Knight Blade)
  • Delete boss Items, No compensation
  • Lost spells
  • Convert them into AO boss items
  • Enchant Scrolls
  • Other (Elaborate in replies pls)

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My Other: Cosmetic Item :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:. But we all know that this has probably crossed Vetex’s mind

lol imagine. I hope vetex won’t resort to that but who knows what will happen.

That’s how AR handled people getting their legendaries wiped:

Sad. Very sad indeed, imagine waking up getting ready to play a game only you and 20 other people play, to realize the weapon you spent months working to get are wiped and replaced with a bad hat that doesn’t even fit for vanity. Actual Mega Ooooooof.

are you STUPID? Those rare weapons are NO way equal in rarity or strength to lost spells :fr:

nope, those items are far to common to really need anything of great compensation.

I think that AO boss drops would be a pretty underwelming compensation, because an item that can be grinded for in very little time definetly doesn’t compensate for something that you can’t acquire anymore

these are wom boss drops. SO, you would assume they would be of the same rarity. stop acting like you are entitled to items!!!

low tier enchantment scroll vouchers are probably the way to go about this
they’d only give enchantments up to a certain rarity tier/level,
and only of a preset type

expecting lost spells for boss drops is laughable


Good point :rofl:

gonna keep it up there tho just to see what others think.

Dude, this is too far. I made a point that was logical and genius honestly and he said its laughable and you say THATS a good point? WHY!?

boss items aren’t even that viable in the first place, if they are gonna get replaced by items that might not even be usable in the normal gameplay you might as well just keep them in game as exclusive armor or something

and besides, WoM boss drops are items that you can only get for a limited amount of time, so they are automatically more valuable than the new drops that are gonna be in the new game forever

they are getting removed so NO they are not valuable. Also, because its extremely easy to get you don’t deserve an item of any value

exactly, they’d essentially become limited items like event drops if kept without being obtainable

i think the right term for this situation would be replaced, vetex can just keep the current bosses if he wants.

and it’s not very easy to farm bosses, even with fully maxed armor i’m still in danger when i get into a fight with the minotaur, now imagine how that is for a new player that will still need to grind for 1 week+ to get perfect gear to make his life a bit easier

you suck obviously. I got all the boss drops within the first week of the update (spent 6 hours total)


bro this guys been super rude for his entire time on the forum :fr:

i already have multiple boss sets you baboon, don’t jump into conclusions like this. You definetly had the help of other players if you grinded for all of it in the first week, and i know that because i made a post here on the forum stating how fun it was to grind bosses with a group, and the fact that you weren’t max level proves my point further

nope, I have no friends, therefore, i did it solo. CRY!