Boss items not gonna become weapons or armor

Oh yea and also

Yea basically the stuff that we have is becoming exclusive which is very lucrative for people who played the game before the revamp

So uh, exactly what items exist that are equal value to boss items in terms of value, but also not weapons or armour? Are we just gonna get 999 cans of fish bait?

amulets maybe? they do give a lot of stat

Did you read the post :melting_face:

No :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

im hoping enchant scrolls

Those count as armour in my eyes.

Then again, my eyes are shit, so idk

U right

necklaces and stuff are usually accessories, so it should be possible i think

Accessories + armour are basically the same thing to me, but I guess they aren’t technically armour.

I wonder what they could be made into that keeps the same value without it being a stat equip (although the value would probably rise anyway since it’s exclusive)

Vanity items, “tickets”/“tokens” that can be redeemed into XP boosters or galleons or something, food, potions, lost spell scrolls, a compass, headless heads (troll), torches, buckets, free levels.

They could be anything but at least we now know they won’t be armor/weapons. There goes my theory :frpensive:

I think what the community wants out of them is definitely enchant scrolls

Will it actually be unobtainable, though? That seems like it would contradict the whole “equal value to boss drops” thing.

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never thought it would be this anyway

also dont tell me this man is talking about crown value

at first it was something “more useful” which was comprehensible, but now something “of equal value” doesn’t make sense unless either a) he’s talking about galleon value b) sentimental value?? c) for some reason trading vaue, which wouldn’t make sense since even as the developer of a game you can’t dictate the value of anything if trading is community based, all he can do is just influence it a bit by changing rarities and making them shitty or good, but never fully control them…

am I missing something here or

Welp all my work was for nothing :sob:

If he replaces them with boss drops of equally rare/difficult bosses and gives them roughly the same stats as before, it would have a similar trading value.

so its going to be completely worthless?
they’re not rare or anything so it being just cosmetic makes it slightly more valuable halloween seasonals

The Exiled and Minotaur are the first bosses in WoM. Idk why you expect their drops to be super valuable.