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Created by Cryonical, edited by DocTheWarBird!

Tuesday, June 21, 2022 (US)


Sound Magic!

Eggman Mean Bean

Composed by Tee Lopes


The Hook!

Here there, this is Cryonical :wave:! Welcome back to another anchor of The Odyssey Feed! Like the last few days, i’ll cut the small talk and instead get right to a fresh batch of Arcane Odyssey leaks :fire:!

First of all, take a look at THIS :eyes::

This wasn’t actually made by Vetex… but he did commission it! This super cool looking sword was made by the twitter user Coldshockz (based name :cold_face:)! Here’s the link to it:

As you can see, it looks really cool, with blue marks curving around it’s blade, a beautiful hilt and deadly looking spikes coming out of it :crossed_swords: . Yet another reason why this is exciting is that not only will this almost certainly be accessible to players, but this is the first time in a long time Vetex has commissioned something for his games… correct me if i’m wrong :thinking:. He usually tweaks existing Roblox items, so this will open up a ton :nod:!

Here’s a third reason why this is cool (I am definitely not making an essay :rofl:):

This is a screenshot taken of the Credits page on the trello, showing that the weapon previously shown is called the “Cursebane”, and is wielded by General Argos. It also looks a lot like a boss sword, and it seems clear that this was made for an enemy. Putting these clues together :mag:, it makes sense that General Argos will be the Ravenna Boss that is currently being worked on… so this will be his sword :flushed:! It’s speculation and I haven’t seen it in-game yet, but i’m quite certain.

It’s also called a “Devourer”, as the name of the type of weapon, kind of like “Mace” or “Bow”, which is pretty interesting. That aside, it almost certainly will just be a Greatsword, but has some implications :face_with_monocle:.

Major thanks to @Rayman_Axel for being the first to notify the forums of this whole thing, along with that screenshot :ok_hand:. Going back to the trello for a second…

First of all, we have more progress on the Fort Talos Boss, who’s probably General Argos (as I just mentioned :frhigh:). It’s gonna be really neat!

And since Vetex has finished Acid, he’s moved right on to Water, which was finished extremely quickly :dash:! No doubt because Water and Acid magics share such similar graphics.

Finally for this version, Soaked and Bleeding have had their particles improved, probably making use of some of the newer techniques he’s been using :nod:.

Next, we’re going to look at some more of Vetex’s own words :poggers2:! These might be more interesting than you might first suspect. Here’s an analysis of these from the same person i’m thieving borrowing these screenshots from, @ClashMaster273… I’ll be leaving a few out that we already know about, or aren’t really exciting and new.

First, we can see that the compensation for boss items won’t be weapons, nor armor :thinking:. To be honest, i’m still vouching for enchant scrolls, they seem like a decent way to compensate! Shouldn’t expect super unique stuff here, since there’s better things Vetex can do with his valuable time :+1:. You can discuss it here below :arrow_down::


This means that there’s already at least one boss that using fighting styles, even though they haven’t been implemented. It would be pretty strange if the decent quantity of bosses before release had no fighting style representation :sleeper:. Fortunately, Vetex has us covered once more :v:! Wonder who it could be?


Vetex has confirmed that infamy will no longer be gained through killing other players, and most likely will be a territory system where clans can control islands, giving them a passive infamy income :chart_with_upwards_trend:. You would have to fight over territory though, which would make sense with what Vetex said. This is all speculation, though :mag:, of course.

Here, Vetex confirms one of the existing bosses has no relation to the storyline and is more of a “side” thing :face_in_clouds:. Some of you, based on the existing story parts and knowledge of the existing bosses, have already guessed who this might be :mariomug:.

Self-explanatory, but interesting nonetheless. Here’s something a bit more interesting :eyes::

Not only are there a whopping 26 islands in Arcane Odyssey right now (man, time flies… :frcryin:), but there’s planned to be around 40 upon release, which is a whole lot of exploration and storyline :poggers2:! It’s not all good news though; since roblox starts glitching a certain distance out, and the dark sea surrounds the map, the seas must be limited and size and can’t all be as big as the first :headstone:. Next!

Awesome :fire: It’ll be a lot different than some of the earlier ones, that’s for sure… And last but not least, Vetex has revealed what boats will be included upon Arcane Odyssey’s release :drum:!

Wasn’t expecting this much, honestly. And if you look at the Boat Ideas page on the trello, you’ll see there’s a lot more to come! These will definitely do for now, though :+1:. Can’t wait to see how the ketch and frigate are different from their AA forms!

Next up, we have some trello changes! First up, Mud and Promethean fire were deleted from the Magic Types card, which sparked a very needless argument (:fr:) which was eventually ended by Vetex. After this, all of the lost and ancient magics were removed from the card. Since these things are all years away, it doesn’t make sense to have things listed right now :nod:.

Onto something a bit more light, two new things have been added to the card below!

These are Instrument Weapons and Waist Lanterns :eyes:! Instrument weapons are an item type that can buff your teammates! It’s known that they require some weapon stat and that they will be in-between 100-250 in terms of their level requirements :thinking:. This is something i’ve wanted for a long time! Though it would be cool to be able to play them similar to AA instruments, I wouldn’t say that’s likely :pensive:.

You could discuss it here, though:

Next up on our itinerary, we have a few neat images. Here we go :mariomug:!

A new header for the Vetex discord server! As you can see, two ships sail among a setting sun, with the new water texture :ocean:! Quite the vibe… I swear i’ve seen this one before. Is it just me? Am I going insane :joy:?

This is an image of a sunset on Cirrus Island I took a few months ago! Apparently, it became the server invite image for the Vetex Discord Server :mag:. After noticing this on Reminders for AO (Electric Boogalooo :zap:), I asked Vetex if I could share the whole image, and voila :face_with_monocle:!

That’s all for this anchor :wave:. Hope you enjoyed!


On Topic!

What stat build(s) will you choose and why?

Posted by @sock

With so many special builds in Arcane Odyssey, from Weapon Auras, Arcanium Weapons, Soul Apparitions, Weapon Fighting Styles, and so, so, so much more, there’s a whole lot to think about for your build in Arcane Odyssey :brain:. It’ll be pretty difficult to get your full on all the content of this game. What are you going with? For me, i’ll have all 6 of my files with different builds, gimmicks, and plans! I have a trello, if you want to ask :mariomug:.


Arcane Art!

Flat Design: Redwake

Created by @Tobi

Once again, Tobi returns with yet another entry to his Flat Design series, this time depicting Redwake in a 2D setting perfect for wallpapers :flushed:! From colorful banners to beautiful boats (and some pretty wacky and wonderful shaped spires), it’s sure to take you on quite the Odyssey :ok_hand:.


Writing Wizardry!

ADMIN: Lost Things - Chapter V: Old Sparks

Written by @BNTarwarn

After a rather disastrous start (Spoiler Alert: He didn’t fall down the stairs :fr:), Virgil is ready to practice some charms, something he’s quite invested in! Problem is, what’ll he use to actually charm? Time to return to passion :heart:! Turning back to something more tangible, Lost Things is sure to excite with its invigorating interactivity and language :mariomug:.


The Chart!

Last anchor’s riddle solver was @GlitchingEclipse! Congratulations for being the first to crack it!

The answer was… ”Cirrus Island”!

You open the chart, and it reads…

In its grasp, a forlorn deal. Within the walls, a heart of steel.

First to comment or message me with the answer will get a shoutout next anchor!


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lemme see ur builds trello

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didn’t expect to get featured in one of these, especially so soon after beginning to post stuff, thanks

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Here you go. Reapers and the character backstories might be outdated, along with the appearances. Mainly since i’m starting to move my characters out of the Arcane Universe and into my own universes!

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Fort Talos? I can’t think of anything that fits forlorn deal so I am not sure

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Got it :ok_hand:


Thanks, I liked your topic! Always trying to be more inclusive (Sometimes there’s like one art topic in a week though haha)

Pog, if only I didn’t already use all my likes for the day :frpensive:

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I could get you a few more ss if you wanted the complete context

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Sure, but if it’s a hassle then don’t bother :+1:

WOW! Didn’t expect to be featured on the Odyssey feed again, and so soon!

We finally have a better look at Cirrus!
Could have used this image when I was creating my art piece but I’m not complaining. Tobiemoji_sadness

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For context prior to vetex saying no Solar asked if vetex could make the compensation armor/weapons and this was vetexs response leading into the first image of mine on the feed

Some dude asked why infamy was getting wiped

Solar asked why infamy wouldn’t be gained from kills anymore and that leads into solar asking “wait vetex why bro”

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Got it, thank you so much :poggers2:!

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W feed as always


aint gonna stop me from rking tho cuz im a little shit


I’m rking your mom in bed rn (you wouldn’t understand)


Oh my goodness

Wodyssey feed

also, somehow I think territorial infamy gain will be somehow more toxic than pvp infamy gain

since there’s more at stake, people will try harder to keep their territory and aggressively expand it

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I’d rather some wilderness islands be taken over than getting gangbanged for existing tbh


What camreeyan said. I honestly can’t see it being as toxic as simply getting infamy through killing other guild members.

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