Bottles and Potions

So this is the sailor style bottle thing that he was talking about , I wonder does it consume the sea water bottle or can you reuse it?

probably consumes it entirely, otherwise you’d only need to fish up 2 bottles and never again
(assuming you can refill it mid-fight, but even then you’d be able to bring an insane amount of bottles and never run out of juice)

To refill it mid fight you’d still have to run to the ocean and do it that way, and while that may be unreasonable it could still happen. And I think the hunger reduction might make a significant impact depending on how long the meter lasts

fair enough, though i don’t think a -10 hunger will be much of a problem unless the meter runs out every 10 seconds or so

Well it just depends entirely on how many bottles you drink. If you’re already at 50 hunger and you drink a couple bottles you’ll be running a bit low on hunger and unless the fight takes a long time you’ll be fine but it could be problematic if you don’t realize beforehand


I hope we get a junk store that’s just some hobo on an island who can sell things like these


wonder if vetex is planning on developing the framework for potions now due to the sea water bottle (which is effectively a potion), or if it’s just a one-off

It’d be a bit of a waste if it wasn’t used for potions tbh

Also it’d be a tad bit more annoying to manage having two bottle types that, for whatever reason, cannot fill each other’s role.

he could also make the potion stuff later and then remake the bottle using it

Vetex has said that potions may not come on early access, it depends on how long it’ll take him to develop the other stuff

I could see it being used as an ingredient for potions stuff, and possibly as a base for the one water potion.

Depending on how much you wanted to use potions you’d be dealing with much more than two potions anyway

He would probably have gotten akontio to make however other variants of the bottle that would be necessary for potions

i know, just sayin’ it’s something that could be planned

oh okay

since seawater gives youa -10 to your hunger what happens if I drink 3 of them when I’m at 1 hunger?

you take damage from hunger?

I think if your hunger is 0 you start dying

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youd probably just lose a bit of health for each bottle after being at 0 hunger

also being at 0 hunger would damage you

you take damage at 0 hunger til you die

arcane odyssey should encourage healthy eating habits

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