Bounty Hunting over 500k



dude 100k bounty can be earned in a hour or two, did you forget about NPC executions still working until you reach the above 100k bounty threshold?

One Dark Sea expedition can passively raise your renown even if you are not farming it. For example: Sirens.

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yeah idk why Sirens give so much renown to be honest, it should be atlanteans giving this much.

Specifically Mutated+ Atlanteans, those are really strong.

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its cause grand navy is sexist
“You gained 450 fame for beating up a woman!”


Now you’re just putting words in my mouth. That’s not what I was even trying to say, but I think at this rate you might just be trolling.

I’m gonna stop replying to your messages here. You seem to want me as an enemy and I’m not gonna give you that. Have a good rest of your day.


yeah it just derailed because other people started talking

I also see that it is pointless to talk with you. So, have a good rest of your day too.

Ive caught more SW pieces than have had actual fights with lb players, and I check all 4 lbs for online players daily

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then go prep to hunt them like literally every other leaderboard player

So you said that you had a total of 1700 kills in your main file, so may I know how did you got so skilled? I got some serious skills issues but I love pvp, but I always die pathetically so it would be great to know some tips from an expert :smiley:

Sorry for the late post btw*

I pretty much put myself through hell. Out of some sort of self deprecating love for PVP, I dueled with a TON(i mean a TON) of PVPers, even some well known guys- on 20 fps or lower. I kept losing over and over again, and it was frustrating. To be honest, I don’t know why I didn’t just quit. It’s not like AO has some sort of revolutionary combat mechanics or something. I just didn’t stop trying. I started winning occassionally against PVPers averaging 800 player kills with that same set up, and when I finally got a better computer, the rest was history.

Don’t do what I did. There’s a more healthy way to improve at Arcane Odysseys PVP than literally mindlessly putting yourself through a pretty much Gravity Chamber equivalent like I did. It worked for me, but I doubt many others will share the same passion I did for the PVP(especially in the current META…), which is probably one of the bigger factors that pushed me to go on.

I’ve kind of lost my passion for AO at this point, but it’s still fun to sneak into Elysium openings every once and a while.

tl;dr This must be some sort of phenomena among PVPers- since there are actually a ton of geniuses out there who got good at PVP(not just talking about AO) by playing on craptops and toaster PCs until they eventually got a better computer. I guess this is the PVP equivalent of taking steroids for instant muscles instead of working out over time :person_shrugging: .

Alr thank you for answering. I dont think about playing that much but im going to do my best to improve becauz my goal in the game is to get a high rank in assassin syndicate, like cardinal, architect, ect… so bounty hunting other people with skills issues may be a big problem for achieve that goal.

how do you even join Elysium servers, every time i try via the server list i get an error

have to either teleport to someone in one or go through an open portal

Get a friend or you to buy and open one or wait for a mod/tester to open one for free