Bro Vetex just drop this whole "lore" thing? you're making a game, not writing a story book, lore is not important 😭


On one hand, it’s a STORY driven game. On the other hand it’s a story driven GAME. I think it’ll come down to what the level cap ends up being to see if it’s a good idea.

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Given the fact that vetex has confirmed the endgame level cap to be 600, this change will heavily impact hybrid builds

600??? I thought it was 1000…

Yeah, vetex confirmed the level cap in a post regarding endgame pvp:

Patch note v1.14.59 changes;

  • Berserker overall damage reduced by 35%

  • Warrior overall damage reduced by 35%, 50% of weapon skill cost now affects stamina

Changed to accurately reflect the “lore strength” difference from Mages to Berserkers and Warriors who use trace magic.

Non-magic builds will receive a 50% damage and health penalty if their character slot’s age exceeds 40 years of age

the funniest thing about this post is that vetex is planning on becoming a writer and is going to make books based on AU after AO is complete.

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To be completely fair to Vetex, I highly doubt this decision was based entirely on lore. Currently there’s an equal incentive to play pretty much every class (excepting vitality hybrids and maybe savant). Pure builds have ultimate arts, embodiments/shapes and certain lost spells/techniques. Hybrid builds have access to two different methods of combat and imbuements. Giving the lost spells and techniques, especially if the other unique things are going to become universal pretty soon, would put much more incentive to hybrid builds that pure ones. Eventually there will be other new things, pure builds will get access to lost magics and evolved fighting styles much earlier for example. But Vetex needs to make sure the classes are relatively balanced each update

Bro, Players just drop this whole "“lore”"things? you’re playing a game, not making a game, shut the fuck up

Lore is absolutely important for adding depth and exploration to a world. It also creates grounds for fanworks such as art or fanfic. While yes, for a video game gameplay comes before anything and everything else, lore definitely holds legitimate relevance.

Remember that a community for a game consists of more than just PVP tryhards, fishers, PVE Demons, and other grinders. Just as important are the artists and writers who expands the game’s universe and brings in new players.


he said AROUND, not that it will precisely be 600

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Ah yes, the glorious level cap of 605

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the glorious level cap of 595

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With lore, games don’t become litteral anime grind simulators and have a feel to it.
Whether you want to feel it is up to you

  1. take it or leave it.

The number start with a six and nobody has done the funny number? I’m not sure whether to be proud or disappointed

666 or 696 ?

immersive lore in games is important as hell dude, what are you talking about
:sob: :sob: :sob:

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I meant 696, 666 requires a more… unusual taste in comedy, a taste I dont happen to have