BTD6 Ezia edition challenge

I made a BTD6 challenge that uses only towers worthy of @anon82052662 the edgepawn’s usage (plus support)

Can you beat this Bloons TD 6 challenge?

It has:

  • Psi x1: While Ezili could also be a good hero for edginess, I think Psi is the most fitting because of ‘Mind Magic’
  • Wizard Monkey 2-2-5 x1: Prince of Darkness for the edge
  • Tack Shooter 2-0-5 x1: (I didn’t know what to do for early game purple-popping so I went with this :sob:) the tack zone looks edgy enough though
  • Super Monkey 2-2-5 x2: Legend of the Night and Dark Champion because edge of course
  • Monkey Village 2-3-2 x1: Just enough to give you MIB for the DDTs though you probably don’t need it
  • Banana Farm 4-4-4 x10: If you farm well enough you can max out (excluding the farms) every other monkey given, even getting you a Legend of the Night for round 100

also yes I could’ve done it on an edgier map but I’m too lazy to actually have to try

fun fact btw the PoD and LotD have a canon rivalry over who has the cooler name so he really does get the edgiest of the edge

Should have allowed Ezili too, edgy and buffs the necromancer, most edgy monkey.

Could have allowed both right?

Also, beat it :partying_face:

this sounds easy as fuck you got tack zone and pod?
the edgy towers are the best ones

yes but ezili is useless unless its late game, psi is the better option

actually probably yeah but i forgor about that :skull:

yeah it’s easy i just wanted to do it for the funny


Yeah but I dont even own Psi, Ezili is like the only hero i unlocked so i wanted to use it

hes useless the whole game anyways

What. Bro that totem and nec buff are pretty nice

psi doesnt do anything in this challenge
also what heros do you have

Oh mb i thought you mean Ezili still.

Ezili and the base ones :slight_smile:

bro bought ezili first :skull_and_crossbones:

Ezia has become such a meme on the forums

Tf is BTD6 ?

Bloons tower defense 6

Don’t know that

Fr, why everyone so mean to me :frcryin:

i like you tho

pretty sure most people are joking when they insult you

believe me, compared to the forum in it’s “glory” days, your behavior is really tame