Buying a exiled sheild or sword

so as the title says, i am buying one of those items, i have 1.5k+ crowns and some random items if you wanna do the trade

crowns are worthless so no.

Sorry to say but crowns dont have any value here since vetex added crown codes but if you have any other exiled or mino items then we can trade

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i mean, i got alot of random items, i will trade what i can

:garlic: fucking shit offer :garlic:

random commons right? not good enough
youll need to offer boss drops

hi u got max crowns? lol

Alright I’m doing it

i do but i dont want your amulet

D: what u want then

well idrk what else to trade- i got plenty of amulets and other stat boosters, even a level 80 hard wizard robe

not interested thats what

like i said, youll need to offer boss drops, preferably exiled drops
commons and crowns wont help you at all, unless its a bucket-load of fish bait

i have a full set already, i just owe a freind and my rng sucks

your best option is to boss farm and get a tracker

sir i asked for max crowns not ur items

i completed the entire storyline already- no tracker

Stop being a dickhead in marketplace

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