Buying ANY rare items for 5,000 CROWNS EACH

Need money? Sell ur stuff to me!

DM me DoubleRun#3094 for offere

does this include woj / vastiras?

Everything my guy

Kid, did I ever scam you?

do not trust doublerun

How can I even “scam”?

I send the trade as 1 trade. 5k crowns for an item.
There’s no way I can scam.

Just because you got salty that I had so many items doesn’t mean I’m a scammer

calico do u want me to share a screenie of u tryna break the rules

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what do you mean

nvm. i cant be bothered explaining rn plus it wasnt ur fault lol

what happened?

nvm i was wrong lol

naraf i am not lying but this kid tries to scam you

Now… can we go back to discussing trades?

he just wants profit

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fine double dm me and show me this is not a scam

you can pay me 1 crown i dont care

How can I show you this is not a scam.

Discuss with me when you want to trade, and we can hop in game and I’ll send you the trade.

im just wanna see so i can show people that you do scam

it cant be a scam. he is a verified trader man. he doesnt scam and 5k crowns is tradable rn. plus ur kinda being toxic

the only one being toxic is this double run person