Buying Exotic Fish

I am buying exotic fish for 500 crowns each. if anyone has an exotic fish they would like to trade please tell me. (I like fish okay)

Props for collecting something you like as a hobby and not just for it’s value, true Chad vibes

Now crowns are worthless on the forums so prepare to face the wrath of those losrs who just collect boss and sunken stuff.

I am still trying to get some boss stuff myself but I don’t go as far as most people do

I mean, fish are useless too so trading crowns for them is no big deal

I don’t believe in getting crowns from code, or fish being useless

unfortunately for you the entire trading scene does

the reasons why are quite simple really: the primary use for fish is to sell them for crowns. With crown codes, crowns are super inflated making their value practically 0 which also by extension makes any item obtained with crowns or only useful for selling practically valueless

but since youre trading crowns for fish it doesnt really matter. Goodluck in collecting fish

you’re a dumbass then :grin:


do you know what the word “dumbass” means right?

why am i a dumbass

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fuck you

you just don’t understand how important fish are

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dont traded fish not count to the fishdex?

Yep rip

bro what the fuck how did this get flagged?? huh???

I dunno lmfao.

i’ve seen way worse get unflagged on the forums, honestly that seems pretty tame