Calvus has children proof?

I’m not at home right now but apparently an NPC named Quintus Bronze at Rasna has dialogue which suggests that Calvus has children.

If anyone can screenie it and post it here kindly, do so. This is so that we can discuss the matter and come up with theories on it

Damn I thought you changed for the better

Why would you want to “discuss” the fact that Calvus apparently has kids? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

What “theories” do you want to achieve with this? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I literally wanted to discuss the game’s story and maybe his sons would hunt us down in the Nimbus Sea or stuff like that. I’m literally searching for lore answers and you’re here acting like I have some weirdo fetish.

Anyway… I’ll try and look for screenshots when I get home. Unless some alpha chad comes and posts a screenshot for us.

Sounds fair enough. Maybe you should’ve put it in a different way, but you do you.

I think it was already pretty certain that the prince was going to be a future boss in the Nimble Sea

And those other brothers that I forgot the name of

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Either it’s Elius and Carina or that’s cap

There’s this one channel I watch called UsefulCharts. He does videos on genealogy and studies Royal lines and stuff. Why do you think I’ve been trying to find when the old kings of Ravenna died, or how long ago Ravenna was established?

Here are my findings based on quests and NPC dialogue.

Gallio Bronze during the Mines Arc: he said something about Akursius Keep being a Bronze Legion fortress for around 20 years

Rackham’s Journal: Akursius Keep fell in January Y1807

Quests Tab: The Nimbus Sea Arc starts on December 6, Y1854

I’m tryna find out about his sons to see who would take over after him (probably revon tbh but we move) and if his sons potentially try to get revenge later down the line

If it’s true then it’s probably some random npc called quandalius dingleton somewhere in the Dark Sea on Mimhere island

I mean

If Calvus had children then they would be prince/princesses instead of prince Revon was his name I think

And he was Calvus’s brother


Yea but vetex

This is my source btw. I’ll check when I get home.

his ass does not have a spouse to continue the royal line

Not that we know of

Ulricus line died out because Elius and Carina are probably dead.


No way bruh that’s crazy :exploding_head:

Now that I think of it… We really do need more attention for the royal family lore

The dialogue says his children are too young. Revon would take the throne but he went missing

Regents is what I believed. Calvus is like 30 I think

It’s not cap. I don’t have the screenshot but you can find the npc for yourself. Elius and Carina are the children of Ulricus (a close relative) not Calvus. Calvus’s children are too young to take the throne according to the npc so Revon would take his place

Does anyone have a Ravenna Royal family tree

Never thought there was actually that much lore behind this

No but it likely wouldn’t be hard to make