Calvus is is stupidly inconsistent

sometimes he’s fair, other times he’s… this.

AoE nerf please?

(actually he needs a whole ass rework in his second phase he can multistack moves it’s a nightmare)

Calvus when the charge move and he sends the 5 pellets at you
killing you

and look sometimes he’s just dummy ez

so uh


I got his triasta

anyone wanna trade for it? looking mainly for armor

Why don’t the bro blocking the phase 2 blasts?

he never multistacks moves what
also u practically walked into that ngl you couldve dashed anywhere else but towards him

This topic feels relatable as someone with the most inconsistent skill in the world

he is capable of releasing the pellets/bullets at almost any given moment, which can stack with another move

only issue with calvus i have is his attacks are semi-random lmao

when i hear movestacking im thinking of using a blast and like a beam at the same time, not the pellets (because thats how theyre intended to work). either way just dont hard punish after 25s of him summoning the pellets

bro last time I ffought him with three others his ass used 7 moves in 10 seconds

nvm bro i just got hit with the coldest combo ever

equinox magic in ao leak???

do you see what I mean

vetex nerf your fucking boss

jesus he gets so fucking sweaty in phase 2, and his light blast move is stupid in AOE

i think you need to try this

Vetex does not need to nerf calvus he is unfathomably easy (he just needs to fix his movestacking that rarely happens)

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Calvus once started phase two at 80% HP, so I get what you mean.

Fuck it, i don’t wanna deal with them today

mf acting like hitting the G key is easy

when the calvus is sus

i dont know why but i can not bring myself to use ammo in pve (i have 10k arrows and 3k bullets)