Calvus is is stupidly inconsistent

i will grind for one rq let me wake up first :skull:

actually I hate to do this but

can I get the crown instead?

rate the drip

(calvus farming)


dw, calvus is pretty easy with poison tooth

the throw is super fast and spiralling fury sends me across the entire arena (spiralling fury is getting nerfed in v1.12 tho :pensive:)

Yeah why aren’t you using block @DubiousLittleTyp0 ?

I kinda woke up and just replied and I’m still waking up

People saying calvus is easy havent been hit by his 400 damage grab move from across the room

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they haven’t been hit by it probably because they dodged it you goof

Cant dodge it when he homes onto you at light speed

skill issue

This is coming from someone who can consistently solo him, hes not an easy boss

this is coming from someone who can consistently solo him too, he’s is the perfect difficulty imo and shouldn’t be changed


I call calvus easier than Elius and I’ve been hit by the grab a few times. Really you can parry it and it’s now where as lethal as the pillar/blast avalanche/passive blasts imo.

That move is predictive, move so it fires in one direction and dash the other.

Or just parry it lol

It should probablY have a bit more windup

If not longer just a more clear one cause he’s suffering from AR syndrome (grab literally just happens with no warning)

ok so I have obscenely low FPS and Im gonna just explain my build that I use to mass murder Calvus with relative ease [in spite of my hardware and eyes]

My HP total: 2.4k-2.6k [savant]

Stormcaller bow
Fighting style: canonfist
Bronze Dual flintlocks [strong]
Bronze Musket [Strong]
Any Regen III+ food

I can widdle him down to 0 HP using this with relative ease. Ive been combo’d by him before but having regen and my obscene amount of HP makes it not an issue. For others, I suppose with the same set up and no vitality, you could also get around 2k HP give or take.

This defiantely is NOT an ideal build, but its made specifically for me, a person so blind and with so little FPS that I cannot use G