Can forumers come up with The hypothetical PERFECT mainline series pokemon game?

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Pokemon scarlet and violet were uh… rough

the game had many great aspects to it and the designs this gen were mostly great but, uh, the performance was genuinely somehow worse than the likes of something on the N64 and this is probably a new technical low for gamefreak.

These games, just like every other game, had flaws, and they had strengths, so now I wanna ask…

what would make hypothetically THE BEST pokemon game to ever exist???

let’s assume this game is for generation 10.

what would you add to make it a good game?

I personally would add back national dex, as well as buff weaker pokemon stat wise, give new moves, and rebalance everything.

I also would make sure the game actually can run a smooth 60 or so FPS and not be riddled with bugs

the story good, and character designs unique

actually add a legitimately evil team

what features would you implement into the hypothetical “perfect” mainline pokemon game?

oh yeah and uh add deeper lore to pokemon too

that’s always fun

a game with more than 10 fps


why need deeper lore and story?
just read the manga

shit’s bangin

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all you really need to make sure the graphics are on par with your other switch releases and that there arent bugs everywhere

also fuck the 3d models give me pikachu in his 32 bit pixely glory again

national dex tooo

ds sprites


pokemon black and white remade in similar quality to oras would probably be the best
(going off of what i know about black and white)

Multi-Story Concept

Having a story with a similar quality to s/v, and with the multiple pathways you can fight in would be nice, but possibly some fixes to make it less repetitive.

The World

We know that open-world games can work on the switch totally fine, gamefreak just has to not mess it up. Keeping the pokemon roaming the open world and the let’s go feature whilst adding some indicator of overworld shinies, characters with at least slightly more personality. And house interiors.

The Bugs

Fix the bugs and lag issues. Self-explanatory

The Looks

Improve the textures. If vetex can do it so can gamefreak.

The Pokemon

National dex. Once again self-explanatory.

Random little features

I was recently playing my copy of ultra moon and I realised just how many small features the game had. That one part where you fly on the back of the legendary? The weird rotom loto thing? The island with the beans?
Where are our random features gamefreak

just make legends arceus but again. The game was almost perfect it just had some design issues that could be reworked in the next legends game whether its a new gen or a remake


Main Details

Alright first off, this is assuming Gamefreak/ Nintendo themselves has hired me and given me the ENTIRE team for pokemon. First i make sure the team TAKES THEIR FUCKING TIME ON THE GAME ONG STOP MAKING LIKE 2 GAMES A YEAR WE ARE MAKING A TRIPLE A GAME. This well y’know, make it so there isn’t a bugfest/ glitchfest in the game on release and allows the user to enjoy the game. I would also definitely hire some artists to polish up the game because yikes the recent pokemon games (sword/shield, violet/scarlet overworld looks ugly as FUCK. I wouldn’t exactly to reinvent the formula or make the game 13+, that turns off fans of the series, at most maybe I’ll make more heavy subjects/ stakes at hand (maybe alluding to an important character even dying :face_with_raised_eyebrow:. I also want to incorporate as many old-gen pokemon as possible, i personally think it is complete dogshit that i can’t have a certain pokemon in a newgen game cmon i just want to carry over my old teams :sob:

The two games would be called

Pokemon Helix & Pokemon Vortex

Main differences & features (both versions)

Both games are of course going to be similar but some core differences are: Pokemon (in general), Antoginst Group, Rivals, Etc.

Pokemon Helix

Pokemon Helix takes a more scientific approach to pokemon (not like the future in violet or smth). The storyline can overall be seen as slightly darker and the main thing separating it is the overlying threat throughout the game.

let’s start with

This version of pokemon will have “advanced” pokemon. These pokemon can be divided into 2 groups. The truly advanced pokemon, which are basically scientifically stronger versions of previous pokemon (similarly to Mewtwo), and “fusions”, which are merged versions of two pokemon like a Blastoise/ Charizard fusion, I think you get the point. These would be obtainable early game and used by many of the residents of the area the game takes place late game.

The Group:
In this game, you fight Group Helix. They are a group with a mysterious leader. They simply exist to make the strongest pokemon and have total underground control of the region. They are the ones that distribute and create most of the advanced pokemon in the game. Their leader would be revealed to be the professor of the game (the one that gives you the starter) and simply gave out starters to most trainers to gauge their progress and take their pokemon once extremely strong to advance and add to their army. Throughout the game they both try and sabotage, recruit, help, and defeat you.

This game’s rival would simply be called “Kuro”, Basically they are a true rival. They do not wish to help you throughout your adventure and at first, look down on you until later in the game you would truly prove that you are the superior trainer. They aren’t overly edgy but also are completely kind airheads like most of the recent rivals, so kind of similar to Gary but more condescending. They later help you ingame to defeat the main antagonist

Of course, the legendary would be different. The game would have an advanced be the legendary of the game. It would be a fusion between Deoxys and some other poor original pre-legendary, some NPCs would be different, maybe different items and slightly different areas. Nothing too crazy. One of the most important parts would be the diverging storyline though (covered later) and the different dialogues from Vortex.

Pokemon Vortex

Pokemon vortex is a more “magical” based pokemon game, the more paradoxical/ anomalous parts of pokemon are taken to the extreme. This version would be more goofy and lighthearted but have a serious undertone

This version features two types of new pokemon, “Greater” and “Alter” Pokemon. Starting off with “greater” pokemon they are basically pokemon taken to the EXTREME, kind of like a mix of Mega and Gigamax. Think about a Charmander that has flames hot enough to burn diamonds, or a Groudon capable of making entire planets out of earth. “Alter” Pokemon are Pokemon that essentially have their type changed and appearance/ moveset fit to match that (so basically deltas from pokemon insurgence). Examples would be a steel Pikachu, or an earth rayquaza.

Group Vortex is what appears to at first be a helpful group created by the government, but in secret they are actually a group run by the president to collect and create an absurdly powerful pokemon army, they already have multiple legendaries under their belts, and have some gym leaders as people working under them. Their main motivation is to be the overwhelmingly strongest region and go to war (and win) against all other regions. So basically Germany during WW2 but in a family-friendly way. They also utilize the power of the game’s legendary to make the Alter and Greater pokemon

The rival of this game is a girl called “Shiro”. They are an airheaded and seemingly stupid throughout the game, challenging the player at every possible chance and giving hints on how Group Vortex isn’t what it seems. Later in the game, it is actually revealed that she is actually the shadow LEADER of group vortex and has manipulated the leader into basically finding Arceus. This is so that she could fuse with it and become a living god

Basically the same as before

I will continue this later ( I had way more but forums magically refreshed and got rid of like half the shit i typed)

we need the box legendaries too

ah yes
canon Venustoise

Pokémon V.S. 1 Billion Lions

New region where there’s 1 billion lions, the trainer has to kill them all


(he doesn’t realize god is a pokemon canonically)

A 10 year old with a ball captures him and he’s not even that good of a Pokémon.

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shut up

Those stats are genuinely mid, there’s a reason you don’t see him in competitive pokemon even when he’s available (mostly due to unversatile moves)

level are you like on crack or something arceus is AG that’s why you don’t see him in competitive

he’s Banned that’s how powerful he is

actually has arceus ever been tournament legal I wonder??