Can pk beat cursebeard?

The only curse pk has is absorption right?

Durza > Cursebeard and Pk > Durza so ye ig

But how is durza below pk when durza had a shit ton of mutations and curses

Pk is litteraly MADE UP of magic irradiated atoms

Damn if only durza knew he could’ve just let some corpses soak in the ocean for a bit to gain an army of soldiers stronger than several curses and every mutation

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Plot armor

According to vetex cursebeard carried us in the durza fight by wiping out the undead army

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can you?

What is pk
who is pk

(pk fire!!?1?/!/1)



“oooh kay”
fsmash charging noise



Exactly (also ness when he isn’t spamming/normal lucas on pro levels is insane)

The peacekeeper would win. Ngl

This just reminded me of that video of ness only down taunting


Yes’nt im pretty sure pk steals curses of others that dont have magma or light

pk’s goal was to destroy every curse though

PK’s body is basically supercharged with magic, so yeah, he could probably beat Cursebeard.

Durza might be strong, but it’s not like having multiple mutations and curses just automatically makes the damage of each magic and curse stronger. He still needs to increase his magic’s strength in order to make each of those mutations stronger. There’s a similar issue with the curses - they still have to be individually strengthened.

From what I understand, Peacekeeper’s base number was canonically so fucking HIGH just from being marinated in magic broth that they beat both Durza and Zeus alone, just by virtue of having a bigger number. Mind you, Zeus hadn’t even fought yet at this point, this was peak Zeus, who is about the same strength range as Poseidon. It’s like PK’s power level was bigger, and Cursebeard just snatched the auto-win button from Durza by defeating almost all the undead warriors and dying shortly after.

Then again, Durza was probably weak in comparison to the key players in the Cursebeard War. He just hid behind his minions the entire time, after all.
My personal headcanon was that he was slightly weaker than Theos, which makes him as strong as a normal curseless wizard.
Granted, the curseless wizard here is Theos, who is probably the strongest pure human non-curse user that has and will ever exist, but still.

The only real thing that would keep Cursebeard in the game against Peacekeeper would be the Energy Curse, the way I see it. Cursebeard can just tire out Peacekeeper and eventually kill them, but he’d have to do this while not dying from Peacekeeper’s higher damage attacks, which seems unlikely since Peacekeeper probably hits harder and faster than him.

zeus was undead here so not really

energy curse means he’s probably a god at dodging cause he never gets tired