Can someone tell me about holy war x/give me sources

I’ve seen so many people talk about it and when I look it just looks like deepwoken but a spinner game + 4 horrible art styles mashed together

can someone tell me more about the game/give me sources to learn more

what are you talking about

some cringe anime game that people in anime youtuber comments say will beat arcane odyssey in a week/is what people are supposedly really hyped for

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only anime game on roblox with some effort and quality. I doubt it will beat arcane odyssey but it looks like a good game. i don’t know where you got deepwoken from though

man these youtubers gotta be stupid as shit to think an anime game is gonna beat AO

AO isn’t even an anime game :skull:

m1 m1 m1 spam magic combat

also the few things ive seen about it showed spinning for races with two of them having a 0.5% chance

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roblox youtubers when they see a pirate ship (it is clearly a one piece reference)

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I don’t know much about the game, other than the fact that it’s a seven deadly sins game. I went to the Owner’s youtube channel, here’s one of his most recent videos:

(Turn down volume when playing the intro of this video if you don’t have headphones in)

you can say that about any game. Arcane odyssey has ability spam combat that doesnt make it bad

apparently, all the testers say that the rates are pretty fair i guess it must be stupid easy to get spins since your race, magic, and fighting style depend on it

well here’s the guy’s goofy AI generated looking ass OC


you know this is gonna be good (awful):

bruh this shit just looks like weeb deepwoken :sob:

dear god.


AGZ is actually pretty optimistic about AO, he’s made a bunch of videos hyping it up (even made one today reacting to a showcase). Probably one of the only big anime roblox youtubers that’ll give the game a genuine chance

let revolver agz off he actually acknowledges AO

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whenever I think of anime youtube I think of a brain being cooked in a microwave


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the pain i’m surprised he is alive.

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oh god the Gpo combo meter type thing is driving me insane.

Just watched a bit of that

It literally looks like deepwoken but worse production quality + worse animations

How can you compare a Seven Deadly Sins game to a sea based game such as Arcane Odyssey. :sob: