Candy Tier list (opinion)

Im bored so I made a candy tier list
Any changes/ improvements you would have made leave in the reply’s.

Honestly a really solid tier list, although if id have to change something it would be to place the teeth breaker candy from S to D (literally a choking hazard)

Skittles=s or a
reeses=a or b

pretty solid tierlist but would object with some of the S tiers
i would bump starbursts up to like B tier or something, they’re not as bad as you say

100% agreed

Oh henry where

yea I mainly placed jawbreakers at S tier since where I live, they are too large to really choke on, and it basically already has the taste of an A tier but it can on god last for like half a day even if you are seriously trying to lick/ eat it

Where the hell my mentos and tictacs at boi

wasn’t in Tier list but it would be an easy B tier

Can’t believe you put Reeses in F tier

The more i look at this the worse it gets. I’d say it has very little in common with my opinion. In particular, S tier is completely baffling

Reeses are f???

yea i can’t stand the taaste of PB, I’m not allergic it just tastes awful for me tho

Your werid

then again i also dislike: Ham, mayo, tuna, many types of jellies, white chocolate, spam, and some other stuff

Reeces suck balls


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same homie, definitely my fav chocolate based candy

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no :smiley:

cringe, trash, unbased, and bad