Card/Dice Minigames

Card/Dice Minigames
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The idea would be to have tables added to taverns across both seas. At these tables a game of blackjack/or dice rolls could be played. (Easiest games I could think of that vetex could add) Players could bet galleons and items against other players. Obviously players could not participate in these games if combat tagged, but if they aren’t they could sit down and be given invincibility while the games run. (Once they get up or the round concludes this invincibility ends.) They could then be given the option through a gui similar to the trading one to put in items or galleons and whoever wins the round would receive the winnings. This wouldn’t violate Roblox TOS because galleons and ingame items aren’t purchasable with Robux which would protect it from any violation. Could also add a title for someone who’s won a large amount of matches.
(Example: Questions about TOS regarding Gambling - Platform Usage Support - Developer Forum | Roblox)

Examples of games that utilize a similar mechanic

Reason to add
I love the game but I feel like the addition of these minigames would help in the creation of a whole new side of the community. Imagine entering a tavern just to see a table full of players betting on a game or gambling different items. This also shouldn’t take away priority from other more major features, but I’d love to see something like this in the game.


Yes, yes, and yes. I’ve always said minigames would fit perfectly in AO. Another good idea could be to have certain islands have their own cultural minigames like Ravenna having chess for example or Shell Island having Dominoes, etc.


Can’t wait for a guy to throw multiple headless heads on the table and nobody be able to tell what was put down.

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I definitely agree with this, different games on different islands just adds to the variety and immersion. There could even be custom games.

GAMBLING :money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face:
(complete sentence)

It’d be funny if there were pure luck minigames and then somewhere else you see a couple guys betting sunkens and headlesses with a game of chess.

All around good

i wish there will be Caravan (the card game from Fallout NV) cuz it’s hard to find the playable version outside FNV now

cause gambling = immersion yep :+1:

bets should probably in galleons only tho. putting up rare ass items like sunkens for a game of poker would be insane

add gambling :white_check_mark:

thats cool n all but its gonna take like 2 weeks to add just for ppl to play for 3 minutes then never touch it again

Putting up rare items would lowkey be better than just galleons, imagine seeing a headless or sunken in the pot really raises the stakes and adds another style of gameplay

I can definitely see a whole new side of the community opening up that would be entirely based on gambling or just showcasing their wins, going on a dark sea run to get enough items to gamble with at a table or having a title for most matches won, just a cool idea ¯_(ツ)_/¯

To make sure people will actually play these minigames, they should be easily seen and accessible to everyone. They shouldn’t just be on some random table in the middle of nowhere, like most jewelcrafting tables. Perhaps there could buildings dedicated to playing these minigames, such as taverns/saloons.

or just give titles for 50 games/100 games won or something. People love titles.

Yessssss this is a great idea. Maybe have a way to play against NPCs so you don’t have to wait for someone else. NPC’s would bet the same amount of Galleons you do, but wouldn’t bet items

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I think this would be a great idea and would provide more options for players to interact with each other through means other than combat

Another good idea in coordination with the empires update would be to have craftable or placeable game tables that you could have at your bases/forts, would really add another aspect to just chilling at your base with guildmates and playing games. Also would be cool to have a spectate prompt for players who aren’t in the game to look at the round (just looking at the gui as it goes on.)

id learn to be a professional chess player if it meant sunkens were on the line

can’t wait to unleash max size ultimate art metal pulsar when i lose a single galleon :fire: