Certain items reset to their base value when upgraded to max level

Certain items reset to their base crown value when upgraded to max level. For example, hunting armour’s value at each level is the following:

Level Value
20 31
30 34
40 37
50 40
60 43
70 46
80 25

This can be reproduced by levelling any type of item affected by this bug to max - as far as I’m aware, the value of hunting armour at level 80 is always 25 for everyone.
Not all types of items are affected by this, and there does not seem to be a pattern as to which types of items are affected. Other items affected by this bug include the Canvas Hat, Glasses, Leather Armor, and the White Banded Fedora. There’s almost certainly more, but those are the ones I know of.

image image

Also not related to the bug, but item values vary wildly and with no discernable pattern. Mysterious masks are 4x more valuable than scarfs, despite them being functionally identical.
whats up with that

Maybe because scarfs are buyable? Idk I’m just guessing and it probably doesn’t apply to other items


You know what’s even worse? Shields reset to level 1 if you try to level them past level 60.

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