Changes for Elysium to Improve Combat as Whole

Changes for Elysium to Improve Combat as Whole
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This game’s PvP is frankly in an absolutely miserable state.
The endgame is flashy and cool and probably feels great to play but barely anybody can reach that thanks to the ungodly high bar that naturally comes with a game like this.

Elysium was added and I, and I’m sure many others, hoped it would finally give a place to fix this.

It didn’t because it is completely closed off to the public for god knows what reason and even if it wasn’t, it fails to streamline the process of rapidly entering fights on after another to quickly learn.

That is what I aim to fix with this suggestion.

The Changes:

I have three changes I believe would benefit Elysium as a location aswell as the entire community who both is and want to become experienced in PvP.

First and foremost, open Elysium, this is getting absurd.
Keeping it closed off like this benefits absolutely nobody.
Vetex, you’ve already stated openly that you plan to open it to the public when you add raid bosses and whatever to it, so why is it being kept closed now? Who does this benefit?
If Elysium is ever going to be useful to anybody as it currently is, it isn’t the people experienced enough to be hosting and participating in tournaments, its the people that need the experience to do so and cannot reliably find it in the main game.
Tournament servers or ranked gamemode or whatever can be its own thing, nothing is preventing that from happening.

Secondly, consumables should be infinitely renewable in elysium.
This is the place where you fight for the sake of fighting and becoming better, consumables shouldn’t be consumed here, allowing their regular use in Elysium would only help to prepare players for actual ingame combat where they are frequently used.

Thirdly and by far the most complex, streamlining the process of finding fights would be incredibly helpful.
Right now you have to go around, walk up to somebody, ask if they want to fight, maybe they say yes, if no repeat previous steps, get in position, do a countdown, and maybe learn something.
Instead: Skyrift.
(Which I am now realizing is also a primarily 1v1 combat game that takes place in a sky island lol)
Skyrift has a system in place that perfectly fixes this.
Click a person’s name to send them a duel request, party request, or party duel request.
Click your own name to send everyone a 1v1 duel request.

When they open their message menu they can accept or decline any incoming requests.

When a duel request is accepted, they are sent to a large open arena and can be spectated at the press of a button.
Both of these people are one duel, the name you click on determines on who your camera is centered on.

I would write my entire own take on this but why would I try to fix something that isn’t broken?
This already fits perfectly.

Tl;Dr :

Three changes to elysium:
Open it, have infinite consumables, and streamline the process of finding fights.

Feedback is appreciated, I’d love to see more ideas on how this entire thing can be improved.


On how this will affect World PvP: almost no effect
RKers will still gank other people while they’re doing non-pvp things (diving, fishing, etc)
This will solely increase accessibility to low-stakes pvp, and possibly get much more people INTO pvp

and that will drastically change world PvP.

vetex isnt planning to make elysium completely open as i know, otherwise all pvpheads would live there and the main game would be empty

now that doesnt make it impossible for regular players to ever open their own elysium server, but itd maybe be a paid thing (and by that i dont mean a permanent gamepass)

This is horrid, absolutely godawful.
Don’t paywall it.

well do you prefer private arenas like rogue lineage or nothing

so the tournaments aren’t crashed

I’d prefer better logical choices that aren’t held back by weak excuses.
If every PvP player in the entire game would quit for elysium if it became open, that doesn’t spell out an issue about elysium, that spells out an issue about the main game.

two and three is good but #1 is no

anyway if you want some dumb review

  1. as of now not going to happen
  2. eh ok, i dont see an issue beside potential bug abuse but not a reason to avoid doing it
  3. its not bad but i cant imagine this being added

This is also a weak excuse that I already indirectly pointed out.

bro if elysium exists all pvp kids will be there 100% of the time bec that’s their reason of existance

it IS it’s own thing, and that thing is called elysium

vetex gave us munera garden and prob a colisium as well

i see absolutely nothing wrong with this, especially the first change

If Munera Garden worked for the purpose it was meant to serve, I wouldn’t be writing this suggestion in the first place.

Elysium is singularly the best possible outcome with no downsides.

at that point you might as well suggest a creative mode version of the game where people can do whatever they want and use any kind of builds

this is just a limited verson, the point of elysiusm is for the tournaments NOT regular pvp

this is theoretical existence

It’s just for bronze sea bro there’s prob gonna be one in nimbus

There always seems to be somebody that disagrees to something that’s a strict benefit to everybody just for the sake of disagreeing, isn’t there?

If there’s an island like Munera in Nimbus sea it will change nothing.

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it’s not for the sake of disagreeing it’s bec elysium is for tournaments and you want to use it for personal pvp but that’s not how the game works

are potions even allowed

Now I’d like to ask: Why?
Tell me one genuine reason that doesn’t come off as a weak excuse like
“PvP players won’t play the main game anymore!!!” or “but it wasn’t meant for that!!!” or “but we already have arena islands!!!”
(they will, I don’t care this is a better purpose for it anyways, and clearly they fail or I wouldn’t be writing this respectively)

not gonna happen anytime soon (all kneel before vetex) but so far i don’t see anything wrong with letting people play how they want