Character Title Thread

A topic where I make a title for your file. I just need image of your character, their names, and judging by appearance or actions of your characters commitment. Explain their backstory if you want, i love reading it.


Takashi Silverthorn the “Silver Wolf”

(Informations about your characters to make it more specific)

(Optional Lore, i just like readin ppl’s lore)

(Wanna include your ship, go ahead and add it to your post if you like to)

You can put multiple people at once as long you’re is images of the character and information about them.


Aiza Drake
She has literally no backstory but she’s the coolest character i’ve ever seen

Aiza Drake

“Red Storm” (Red drip with Water and Lightning)

“Vermilion Angler” (Red drip and Master angler title mix)

Its Gabriel Banks the EXPLOSION magma mage. He is hero with 0 connection to gravy.
He once deleted all buildings from cirrus island during fight with retreating order of aesir members.

(Its old image so now he has stormcaller, bronze musket and kai sabre)

(Btw if this matters his ship is all painted black with white bounty hunter sails)

Gabriel Banks

“Burning Annihilator” (A wielder of Magma and Explosion magics)

“Tribulation of Cirrus” (Caused destruction in Cirrus)

“Grand Defier” (Refusing and no connection with the Grand Navy)

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Vega Anchor, Fire sailor’s warlock

Corrina Anchor, Wind - Snow mage

Vega Anchor
“Flameheart Sailor” (Flame with Sailor Fist)

“Ailing Holocaust” (Constant sickness from the sea water even the flames are sick. metaphor)

“Hazy Seafarer” (Sailor that fights with steam)

Corrina Anchor
“Howling Zephyr” (A strong wind combining snow)

“Cold Storm” (Snow is cold and wind is strong like storm)

Nico Verdi

Savant w/ greatsword, sword, dagger, basic combat, and soon to be magma

Backstory tl;dr is that he’s a former high-ranking soldier of a far-off kingdom, now dedicating his life to exploring the war seas

Nico Verdi
“War Conjurer” (Weapon + Magic + Fighting Style = Savant)

“Burning Verdant” (Soon magma with green drip)

“Armament of Rural” (Green warrior)

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Alexander Booth, poison metal Mage even tho he’s also a blacksmith lore wise
lore (Disclaimer, this isn’t rlly canon with the age of ao but meh):
When Alexander Booth was born in redwake he always wanted to become a blacksmith like his father. But he got the gift of magic so his parents wanted hi mto become a mage or something to with magic since it’s a very unique thing. So as a good boy he listend to his parents and learned magic. He traveled the whole bronze sea at 10 years old to learn more and more about his magic and found a lost scroll wich he learned too. When he got back he was 15 and he knew a lot about fighting now. He was very skilled.

Altho he was a good mage he still wanted to do what his father did and he learned to become a blacksmith fort he next 7 years of his life. (tot hier ao) He now was 22 and thought he could take on the world. He did his goodbyes and went on a ship in the dark sea. To find new lands and treasures. Everyone was almost certain he would be dead if he wasn’t back in a month.

In the dark sea he saw a lot of new creatures which he and the crew he was with wrote down, they had almost died several times but managed to or kill, or flee from the monster they were up against. They saw new kinds of people, really hostile and dangerous. The longer he stayed the more things he saw. He saw visions and sometimes he swore he was getting attacked even tho there was nothing there. Sometimes he had to vomit his blood. His health got worse the longer he stayed.

After 7 months he got back out of the dark sea and everyone was shocked that the crew was alive. It looked like they hadn’t slept for weeks and didn’t shower once. Alexander was happy that he got back. He had to stay inside for another 2 months because otherwise he would kill himself. He had gotten insane for staying in the dark se aso long. The only reason the crew survived was because 1 member of the crew was determined to get back.

after those 2 months he was much better And helped in the business of his father for the coming 10 years until his father passed away. Then He stayed to run it for another 30 years.

In those 30 years he met a woman named Zoe Silver and he married her. He got 2 kid a girl named rené and a boy named Aaron. He learned his son how to become a blacksmith like himself. When he turned 64 his son took over the business from the family.

i like to write lore let me be

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Alexander Booth
“Defier of the Darkness” (Survived 7 months in the dark sea)

“Redwake’s Ol’Forger” (Elderly Blacksmiths)

“Bane of Ferrous” (Poison + Metal conjurer)

Loved reading thr lore you made, thanks

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no probs man, whats ur dc if i can ask?

Itz_Just_Mike#6673 (if it doesnt work lmk)

i just have some really random stuff for both of my mains lol

  1. Abigail Quill (Sapphire var. Crystal Conjurer, currently using Scimitars of Storm, Cultist Staff, and will replace Iron Greathammer with Vindicator once my weapons stat is high enough for its skills; planned cyan var. Lightning Magic for second magic)
  • A neutral good good rep who loves to help others (even if it sometimes comes at her own expense) and generally respects authority (but believes that some rules must sometimes be broken for the sake of the greater good)
  • Moves like a dancer in combat and is fleet-footed
  • Was born at Palo Town and lived a simple life there before the entire Order of Aesir experimentation thing that led to her amnesia happened
  • Meek and shy, takes a while to grow confident around others
  • Would rather talk her way out of conflicts than fight but will go into battle if she needs to (or if her hand is forced)
  1. Aisha Sectonia (Magma/Iron Leg Warlock, debating on whether to go for Fire Magic or another fighting style for her second awakening)
  • A chaotic evil bad rep whose body count has officially totaled up to over 1000 NPCs last time I checked the bounty board (she also canonically would probably manage to rack up a lot of property damage charges from both committing arson and fighting the GN and bounty hunters in the middle of towns)
  • Has been labeled as a pirate in the Agora
  • Hates the GN and bounty hunters with a passion and is completely uninterested in the AS (but will try to assassinate people as a freelancer)
  • Exists in the same universe as Abigail (they’re enemies), but has no involvement whatsoever with the Order (if that matters lol)
  • Was raised by an adoptive family of pirates and then went off on her own after a few years to wreak havoc in her own right
  • “If yer not scared of me now, ya better be scared o’ me after this, if not dead.” - What she’ll usually say to somebody before fighting them

Bartholomew Windmask.
Lighting/iron leg warlock.

A good rep who will help people load their cargo, and help if being attacked by any negative renown criminals.

his fighting style resorts more into distracting his opponent with stunts or jumps, darting into them to deal fatal blows.

Was born technically on cirrus island, although he spent all of his childhood in palo town, instead of being experimented on, he was spotted during a order of aesir meeting in one of the houses, as he was instead left with nearly fatal injuries, only living because of a raw healing reagent he ate.

A rather laid back fellow, which almost never gets serious unless his life is threatened.

only forgives if he sees actual good in you.

favorite food is meatball sandwiches.

pretty decent cooker and brewer.

Mike Adams, acid conjurer and acid hearted pirate. Sails many seas on his ketch dubbed “Branded Kings”, plundering ships for treasure. He swiftly evades attacks while looking for a clean shot with his rapier or dual swords.

Abigail Quill
“Ornamemt Warrioress” (Crystal Conjurer)

“Tributing Vigilante” (Neutral, good, and bad deeds)

“Dancing War Scimitaress” (Dancing posture in combat)

Aisha Sectonia
“Madam Pierna De Magma” (Magma leg)

“Daring Defier” (Defies bounty hunters and Gravy)

“Burning Abhorence” (Constant hatred towards the law)

Sorry it took long I was busy then my phone died, also love your love thank you

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Mikhail Kuznetsov (Positive Rep):
A Warrior who was once a Navy Commodore but left due to disillusionment to the navy, and now drifts around the sea aimlessly.

The unyielding Commodore (Navy)
The rogue warrior (Post-Navy)
The lone Ronin (Post-Navy)

Phrixus Zelgius (Negative Rep):
Mikhail’s evil alter ego, a ruthless pirate berserker that enjoys killing innocent people.

The deranged hunter

Lucius Echo (Neutral):
A Fire-ash mage Mercernary that is shrouded in mystery, serves those who he believes are worthy.

The mysterious one

Bartholomew Windmask
“Merchant Mercer” (Provided protection to cargo delivery ships)

“Surging Combatant” (Lightning leg combatant)

“Impreshiable Exhilarator” (Unbreakable lightning)