..chikens deserve death amiright?

recently i was bullied on this post:

unfortunately i was not able to muder this chicken because the topic was closed.

today i am here to tell u all about how terrible chickens are

as u can clearly see chickens are freaking demons.

chickens peck

chickens hate burgrs even tho we just trying to survive

chickens are inferior to cows

chickens are stupid

chickens are inferior to burgrs

chickens are inferior to burgrs.

chickens are noisy and never shut up.

@TheChickenRun im gonna squeeze all the milk out of u until u cant even speak anymore.

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:chicken: :hungry:

on a related note this acc has been threatening to “squeeze the milk out of me” since about the beginning of this week. I could disclose more details about how this came to happen but I would rather it be resolved in personal messaging. As an additional note, Burgr does not have appendages and cannot squeeze me. Rest assured, these are false promises.

discount sausage

wait did you want it to be a promise

It’s not really up to me. As I said, Burgr has been threatening to squeeze the milk out of me for some time. That is Burgr’s promise. No need to twist my words when the words are right there.

i never promised nothing

u the one bullying me

bullying with what? didn’t you say i’m inferior? if you are gonna misrepresent things, you could be more consistent with your story.

boi u better watch who ur talkin to


Get back in the freezer, patty boy.

I’m going to step out of character and remind you that while you might be running a novelty account, I am not. I request you don’t overstep my boundaries since this is the account I use on this forum on the daily.

this is the one and only account i have

and how dere u call me that

im cooked to perfection pal

i’m a complete being. you though, you need someone to complete your (uncooked) being. how does it feel, having to rely on others for validation?

how does it feel not being able to reach the botton of a cup because ur beak is too FAT.

Funny coming from slabs of patty and bread. NO APPENDAGES. You couldn’t even see the bottom of a coffee stained cup if you tried

im sensing some mild meat-ism, id like to remind you all that you all are food and no matter what humans will eat you all

im not just a slab of patty


all chickens deserve to die

3 slabs of freezer LMAO stay frozen you frosty fucker

im already cooked dum dum im not frozen dum dum

your human handler couldn’t tell the difference between a frozen patty and a burnt one. freezer meat neener neener.

gordan ramsay could definately tell the difference

he loved me and cooked me to perfection

he made me into the warior i am today.

unlike u ur just an uncooked pathetic chicken.