Chorus of Currency (Arcane April 2021, day 3)

Silver lamina
Coins aplenty,
Inflation means that
You need so many

Golden galleons
Named after ships,
Are they worthless?
We have no tips.

Bills with crowns
Codes make them worthless,
They probably caused
A massive depression

Coins upon coins
They’re so shiny
No, I’m not giving you my sunkens.
Now stop whining


This one’s less of a song and more like poorly rhyming poetry.

(Yes, I know it’s early)

wasn’t lamina also worthless in AA
and vetex said he was gonna try to make crowns not worthless

Crowns are getting reworked in AO, where they are becoming galleons (Which appear in the post).

Yes, lamina WAS worthless in AA. You needed a lot of em to buy anything, even from npcs.

lol i think vetex said he wasn’t gonna repeat the same mistake that he did in AA with lamina but now crowns are literally completely worthless

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Comedy at its finest.

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Tbh lamina was even more inflated than crowns

I’m sure that if WoM lasted more than a few months, it would have evolved to even higher levels of inflation.

But yes, lamina is also horrendously inflated

5.2k per minute(Not counting transferring) was nothing compared to AA

Well, yes. But if Vetex hadn’t learned his lesson about crown codes, then more and more codes would have been made, meaning that there could theoretically be infinite inflation in the trading community.

No such thing as infinite inflation but it would tremendously inflate