Church of iris resistance

We got to help suncry and constellia if you dont want church of iris to become number 1#
And if your wondering no I am not in Suncry or Constellia

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I want them to become 1 tbh it would be funny


I’m a bit worried, what if they somehow cause huge drama in the community?

If they hit number one people might react like crazy

And that’s why it would be funny
To watch people cry about virtual Lego afk points

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Get it to 1# place

yeah it’ll be funny for like an attosecond but then it’ll just get annoying

and what if this tears the community apart somehow? and maybe I sound extreme, but what if this might somehow spell the end for AO’s community?

This is a prime example of someone who is crying about virtual Lego afk points that will be reset

oh wait yeah they’ll get reset haha

nah fuck it lets see the chaos unfold

BREAKING! Roblox game leaderboard shift marks the beginning of third world war!

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Biden speaks out against online crimes committed by church of iris (several 7 year olds are crying because they lost in a battle!!!)

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BREAKING NEWS! The ROBLOX Arcane Odyssey clan “Church of Iris” Has expanded their influence to OUTSIDE the game! They have taken over america, with their leader, “GalleonThief”, as the new president! They have also replaced the IRS, and renamed it the IRIS.
They’ve requested that all american flags be taken down, and replaced with the flag of iris.


Freddy Kreuger:
Freddy Kreuger

I remember when I saw this clan was 77 k infamy

Honestly if they actually solve major world issues like the college tuition crisis, homelessness, figure out how to fix the wealth gap, and deal with international affairs in an effective and reasonable manner, I wouldn’t mind.

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Honestly might do a better job

Main reason they are gaining so much is due to their member count. SunCry better start recruiting or Church of Iris is gonna take 'em down.

There’s Suncry, a clan that’s practically been #1 since guilds were introduced back in WoM, and was only recently overtaken by Constellia. A clan that overcame great hardship and hatred by almost everyone else. A monumental clan in the community.

Then you have a bunch of simps who are worshipping a walmart version of a goddess.

Reminder that iris is the weakest boss in the game and they decided to make her their goddess