Church of iris resistance

she was simply using 0.00000000000002 percent of her power you wouldnt know smh my head

who the fuck are any of these people.


Grow up

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Suncry was hella toxic when they became number 1. I do NOT need another suncry except their simps as well. Only clan I prob want on top is prob constellia since I think they deserve it atleast.

omfg… church of iris is going to hit number 1 on the leaderboard. what will we ever do… this is the end :sob: :sob: :sob:

I hope church of iris gets to first place
It would be funny.

Dis Gon B Gud Lawn Chair GIF - Dis Gon B Gud Lawn Chair Open ...

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id rather die

CoI should get #1, they are by FAR the most infamous clan, even more so than suncry (rank one day 1!!!11!!!). As for constellia i literally have zero clue who they are nor have i ever really seen much mention of them besides they are #1. The idea of essentially a shitpost making to #1 is also extremely funny


how did suncry not deserve n1 lol, we got it fair and square when we did

Bunch of constellia members got temp banned for macro farming infamy lol.

If a meme clan ruins the community then genuinely the community doesn’t deserve to exist, Suncry was toxic and the community didn’t tear apart so I don’t see how some random joke will do it

good point honestly

if we can’t handle some small scale (yes, this is extremely small in the scheme of things, I’m not joking either) meme done by some bored people online, then do we even deserve to be able to consider ourselves mature enough for whatever is yet to come in the future?

Definitely not mature enough, it’s Roblox we’re talking about


kids will be kids I guess

I’m just annoyed that the youtubers make such a fucking big deal out of it

are they that desperate for content?

Yes because there’s no real video content in this game, Deepwoken has some unknown lore for videos (not everybody wants to search through the discord for 90% of its lore) and enough build variety for cosplay builds and pvp videos (so people can copy the build).

AO in its current state doesn’t have much for videos besides patch discussion and pvp (over half the community is pve only) so youtubers put very little in their videos, it’s like Toei using the bare minimum of a One Piece chapter for each episode


why don’t they just…

play other games…?

Not everybody is Infernasu and can keep an audience across games, doesn’t help that youtube hates if you switch content type (one of the reasons people make new channels for new styles of content)


then again making AO content exclusively seems like a dumb idea rn anyways so L on the yters

The answer is: Yes

Lots of youtubers switches games every video