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I’m looking for a set of keen or swift sunken set or a mix of both enchants, and don’t tell me I’m underpaying since a clean chest is pretty valuable considering there will be master alchemists in AO.

Sorry bro, it’s an underpay
A set of keen and or swift sunken set is well you know, lower than clean sunken chests but that’s the 1st worst enchantment, the 2nd worst is forceful.

So if you were trying to get a set of it you might need like two clean sunken chests or possibly some type of other enchantment like hard/powerful/bursting. That might increase chances of obtaining one.

Remember, this is still world of magic, AO has not released and it might change later on

yea like flare said, a clean sunken chest cant buy a full bad enchant sunken set, regardless of how good you think it is

okay and? Do you even HAVE what I’m looking for? That and if you don’t then stop being Mr. Technical about everything, like why are you people so brutal??

I’m not being brutal? I was just telling you that it’s an underpay, you didn’t have to judge like that bro.
Chances are low of you obtaining the set.

Also you need to realize bad enchants aren’t as valuable are they? Also at this point why not trade me any set of bad enchants or mix of em to begin with?

Forceful is the worst actually, how’d you mess that up

I meant the other way around :skull:
I always by this

best (3) - mid (0) - bad (1) - Worse (2)

Yeah right how bout you shut up and leave me be, you guys are hella stingy about everything.

cuz your offer is ass, it would be different if it was one clean chest for 2 bad enchant sunkens :skull:

I’m just telling you, you really can’t take the advice or any tip about ur trade.
Just a note bro, don’t have to get so salty about it.

trade argument :zzz:


Average trading day

It really isn’t you moron, plus what do you know bout getting ripped off rich boy?

stfu you child :joy:
And I don’t get ripped off because I’m not an idiot :grin:

@Flare h


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this wasn’t even about getting ripped off where the hell you get that from :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

stay mad you fucking child :joy:

I actually do have what you are looking for but your offer is bad