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(D-E-L-E-T-E-D) Close topic.

Our guild name is the Revolutionary, haven’t trully decided yet.

Welcome to the forums :clap:

Good luck with gathering allies for your guild, there’s not much I can do to help but have fun I guess


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i’m also “allied” with Elysium but meh at pvp as well

i might come to your lame guild wars if theyre not on eu


more likely they officially put us on their kos… they brought like twice the people i brought to fight them.

so wts ur disco?

if Misinput is coming to your guild war then I wouldn’t expect them to quite be an ally

Im in elysium server under same name

I dont like tco either mate

I dont like tco either mate


bahahaha minor spelling mistake, please laugh at this user :point_up: :rofl:

Obese discord mod

They changed it to the clown order so invalid correction

Why i feel like misinput might just attack everyone for infamy :melting_face:

oh yes very true, how I have fallen from grace :pensive:

I dont really infamy farm anymore but id probably steal kills if i was actively hunting

it was not unintentional they were calling it the clown order

interesting :thinking:

plss misinput we 2v3v3