Codes are not the cause of the crown inflation (mini-rant)

I can’t take this anymore

You all act as if Vetex makes it so you get 10x crowns from every stupid quest, chest, or boss kills! And, a 1.5x crown multiplayer is not that much more than no multiplier at all. Vetex only gave out a 2x crown multiplier once

OH, and don’t even get me started on extra crowns from codes, because codes aren’t the reason crowns are worth nothing, people act as if Vetex is giving out codes for an extra 2,000 crowns; he’s only giving out 600 crowns at the most! A 300 crown code is nothing compared to a 5,000 crown cap, like, come on guys.

OHHHHHHHHHHH? You thought I was done!?!?!?

But-but Cosmos, people make alt accounts! you say? People made alt accounts for extra crowns before codes!! These codes just make it a bit easier for them!

The only thing that I can see as to why people say crowns are worth nothing, is because they either have nothing to spend them on, or because they are close to max crowns, but probably both

I rest my case

Taken from this post

You can get up to 1,700 Crowns per slot. With a decent PC/multiple PCs, you can easily abuse by repeatedly deleting and recreating a character to get 50k+ Crowns/hour.


Case rested

Yeah, but not EVERYONE wants to do that, that gets tiring

Regardless, it is more than 10x more efficient than legitimate crown-earning methods.

However, it still stands that the majority of WoM’s playerbase don’t know how abusable codes are. It is just the minority (forum/discord communities) that know how little value Crowns have come to be due to code abuse.

i’m sorry but you really have no idea of what you’re talking about.


I do understand what Meta said about the alts and extra crown codes as you can just use all of the codes but

I at least know that crown multipliers aren’t the cause of the inflation, they don’t help people that much

Just because not everyone wants to do it, it doesnt mean it isn’t broken, just as Meta said.
Easily abuseable, can be easily used to get free boss items from noobs.
Crown multipliers should be the only code.

Maybe we should just ask Vetex to do this instead of removing codes

I believe there were highly voted suggestions about removing crown giving codes and replacing them with multipliers. Since with multipliers you have to actually farm for the crowns, not just insta 500 crowns.

only reason crowns are worth less than venezuelan bolivars is because there are no permanent crown drains in the game other than arrows and death

any other crown drain gets totally disarmed by the chest system

end of story now shut up all of you



Maybe there should be a crown reset then a rework of the code system you think?


I mean if there’s a problem with crowns being too easy to get I can’t imagine that it’ll be possible forever. It’s likely still an issue because Vetex is busy working on the TGR. That being said, if he’s leaving the issue for later it’s likely that he’ll do SOMETHING about it. Do you have any golden ideas as to how rampant inflation can be fixed?

Cosmos just got ratioed

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I actually agree with cosmos to an extent. Crown codes did cause inflation, that is true. But is it really that big of a deal? Only the hardcore side of the community is alt farming codes, which is just 1% of the community in all honesty. It’s not like everyone and their mama is doing this. I’m part of the community that can’t grind this efficiently. My laptop will sometimes turn into a powerpoint slideshow whenever I double instance roblox. I’ve managed to crown transfer a few times, but it’s just too slow for me to make steady income. Most roblox players play on what I play on and would struggle to double instance rblx. Since they’re kids they don’t have the attention span for this.

When AO releases, there will be crown drains such as new ship/item upgrades which will get rid of some of the code crowns and all the old codes will expire. The new codes will give less crowns and expire faster. Proof:

Besides, some of the solutions i’ve seen to “solve” this “issue” would only make the community Pissed.

Wipe crowns? Cut them in half? Remove codes entirely?

Those actions are too rash for something that will be solved with time.

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Thank :clap: YOU :clap: