"combat logging" is so dumb and really needs to be reworked

The amount of times ive been “combat logged” at full hp for dumb reasons like roblox closing for god knows why is soo stupid (99% of my combat logs)


block parry dodge bro

i mean i feel the pain
the only problem is there’s not much of an alternative
imagine if you’re bounty hunting someone and they just leave in the middle of the fight and you get no reward

if roblox unexpectedly closes the ENTIRE server why should I (and anyone else in combat) be punished???

i’ve never had this roblox closing the entire server so either im extremely lucky or its a you problem
servers automatically shut down after 12 hours but it won’t say disconnected

dunno why but the server booted us all out

you sure it was everyone? if so it was probably just an anomaly since i’ve never seen it (or im extremely lucky)

There is no way to rework it so that it won’t count as combat logging for your internet failing or if the server closes.

It’s just not possible. Leaving is leaving. There’s no way to differentiate the different ways a player leaves the game.

thought this was common knowledge but yeah

there’s your answer


More on your side that the combat logging system. If that really is your majority of combat logs, your internet is pretty bad.

Rare occurrence, and the loss isn’t too bad. I’ve been combat logged for no reason before, I didn’t lose too much fame and galleons.

it wouldnt make sense for you not to combat log when you lose connection because then everyone would turn off their wifi when they need to combat log without actually receiving the penalty

i want to clarify that 0 of my combat logs are wifi/internet related and all are related to roblox closing or the server closing or game breaking/bugging. (12h thing would be my fault and ive never been combat logged from the 12h thing)

honestly the biggest thing im disappointed with is the fact its possible to be in combat with a dead corpse like why

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Vetex cannot fix this.

Combat timer lasts so long for me that it’s just more cost efficient to reset if I want to keep my renown and galleons instead of logging off wayyy after any actual combat happened.

Vet should just make the combat timer go down way faster when you’re full hp.

if your bounty leaves in the middle of a fight you literally get the full rewards and no player hunting cooldown