Come up with a creative way to defeat the person above you based on their profile picture

Just had an idea at night after drinking coffee.

So basically, come up with a creative way to defeat the user above you based on their profile picture.

Don’t do anything nsfw or too violent.

If this post gets problematic, mods please close it.

use an axe ^

a metor I guess? I think there’s a person in your pfp

fire or axe

Turn the light off

I am really not sure what your pfp is but I will assume it is just some magic flowing out. In that case I will use mana absorbing crystal and a cocktus


beat you with a stick

Might need an ultra ball for that one

I will inform you that you are wrong and that my pfp is immortal… but in other news two rounds of birdshot in a double-barreled shotgun

“Hello? Is this the local pest control service?”
“Good. I got a bit of a strange job for ya. I need yall to exterminate this wierd blue bird looking thing.”

You will never get me alive!!!

Protest war so that the government doesn’t spend money on making any more tanks

a tactical nuke

kill god so you can’t pray anymore

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I hate to say this but… a speargun.

no pfp is immortal. That is just straight up lame :nod:

I drew it myself so I decide :sunglasses:

but this is for fun so no one cares

use an eraser on it

The ultimate weapon