Community Prompt/Contest: Elemental Encounters

So I’m not sure if I’ve authorization to insight a prompt of my own, but here goes!


You’ve found yourself an encounter with a wild Elemental! How did you find it (or found you), what is it, and what will you do now?

For inspiration and Magic Elemental info, check out the Trello on them!

You will not be limited to your specific Magic, but will only encounter one. If you’ve any questions about your Elemental, DM me!

The longer the better, but it doesn’t play a large role in deciding which I like most.

Multiple submissions will be accepted.

How to Enter
  • DM me if you’re interested
  • Tag me and link this post in your submission

Submissions will be due by December 1st!

The 1st place winner will get a drawing of a scene from the story by me

2nd + 3rd place will also likely receive sketches of the same

Good luck!

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i will now sweatmaster on this so hard

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i must secure da bag. bag must be gain

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you don’t stand a CHANCE

sorry i was talking to the mirror

say that again little furry boy i will starve you

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i will eat you afterwards

not if i :hungry:

i’ve eaten plenty of things in life and i have an alibi for it
you’re next on the menu

not if jin eats me first

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Hello crystal fox.

Hello human.

awkward silence leads to nowhere