(Completed) Strong SS + Swift SC for Clean SS + Powerful SB


  • Strong Sunken Sword + Swift Sunken Chest
  • Clean Sunken Sword + Powerful Sunken Boots

If I had a clean sunken sword I’d do this trade.

ikr, what a steal of a trade!

You can easily get more for your SSS tho.

not easily
doubt he’ll even be able to find this trade tbh

Why? SSS is like 2x a sunken swords value or something

2 sunken swords are worth more than a strong, and psb is worth around a clean sunken sword
but people are hoarding their powerful sunkens like crazy

two clean ss are equal to around 1.33 strong ss, since you’re 66% likely to get a strong when you enchant them both

unless you’re a pussy that doesn’t gamble ss enchanting

tbh there isn’t really much of a reason not to enchant sunken swords
its a 2/3 chance of getting a good enchant and even if you get hard you could wait until ao to get an enchant scroll

so why didn’t your dumbass enchant the sword i yoinked from you

cause i wanted psb more but if i got strong sunken sword i would be overpaying
mental loophole

give me those booties bozo

offer or bad (gonna have to offer more than a clean ss worth of value or its a no)

all i got is the sss, i gave my bad enchant boots to steal some kids headless, & my pwr gear isn’t going no where

then you know what you need to do >:)

this is a CONUNDRUM

no way psb is worht clean ss

not how it works

if anything they’re worth more