Composition - Mystic Rain

In the War Seas, battles are constantly going on. But when one could get a break, what better place would there be than to sit and watch the rain gently fall from above? When a time allows so, one should take time to themselves and ask themselves: Is all that’s being fought for worth it?




Amazing, such great work

It sounds like C418 at points, no cap.

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cool song

Songs with a dissonant part that go for the feels are a sure hit for me, I have really enjoyed this one.

:weary: :weary: :weary:


1 infamy worth it ma dudeee :frcryin:
also fucking nice music meta


Let’s gooo, great job!!!

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incredibly chill i like it

Was it intended to be a wave
please say yes

Minecraft music type beat. Love it. :point_right::heart::point_left:

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me and da bois be vibin’ to this

slightly emotional vibing

love it, good going meta

This doesn’t feel like it belongs here, this sounds like lo-fi I would listen to on a sad rainy day, so 10 out of 10


tbh i have no clue what we are fighting for

WOOOO I proud of you big guy, nice job