[concept design] Durza vs Theos

For durza it is my original design since i can’t find his pic same goes for younger theos. it look kinda scuffed, cause i just draw this on the fly when i got the idea (also the reason why it is in grayscale).

Just a note, i never played AA nor know much about the lore. expect the inaccuracy.

Did i just ignore all the commissions i promise to do and just do the art i interested in? yes, yes i did. just some note to many people who have commissions / dm me for the artworks i might not be able to finish most of them, if at all. that why i make the commissions free there are no guarantees i will finish it. it kinda stupid of me to take so many of them anyway rn it kinda stressed me out.


hot yes

I have been waiting for a durza fanart for so long, the only character feature we know of durza is that he has black hair

Didn’t Durza absorb the absorption curse when he was a kid? shouldn’t he be like 10? :fr:

I never played AA before, this art is made by reading though the wiki in like a min, got interested, sketch the art. so expect the inaccuracy.

supreme poggage

Completely understandable, just draw what you enjoy honestly (may or may not be why I never draw humans here)

dang durza lookin pretty s p o o p y

I have come to deposit my obligatory like on this post which belongs to tong

Imagine doing commissions
This post was made by the draw whatever you want and completely shut everyone out and distancing yourself from society causing you to be starved for the attention of others gang


Don’t worry, I was just making jokes.

Who would win
An extremely powerful wizard, who spent years collecting magics and curses, and an extremely powerful army


One bird boy

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It was like 2 decades after in his 30’s I’d say

Durza has a skill issue smh only relies on making undead gods

He got it in his teen years and stuff, he fought with Theos like 40 years later tho

im sure that he grew up until his prime then stopped aging
it has me thinking with curses aging up a person, imagine if it also had a fountain of youth effect on the user as well if they were much older

say an old mf got a curse, their body would begin to ‘reverse-age’ back to peak performance

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I have never seen Durza art before. I was expecting a more edgy looking dude but this is sick.

Me who already has 3 pieces of writing to add to Odyssey Feed

damn, theos is hot

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i think he had curly hair but i can’t remember other than that i like it

Curly black hair something like that but none of his other facial/character features were mentioned

I always love this guy’s art style and work, it fits so well with the game and he makes such good effects, hope you make more art in the future and my dms are always open!

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