Confession Time!

Confess some stuff here! Alts are welcome for the mods to slaughter if you’re embarrassed that much!

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i didn’t know how to tie my shoes until I was 8

i spat in the trash can once

I don’t know if this is considered a confession but I put BBQ Sauce on my Spaghetti and mix them together so that it tastes better. I am prepared to be judged but try it out first

Bizarre, describe me the taste

I still don’t know how to tie my shoes to this day.

I was tempted to make an alt somewhere called Altimate…

Also, I use cartoony rainbow in Roblox.


Well it tastes like regular spaghetti, but a bit sweeter and of course the taste of Barbecue sauce. The BBQ Sauce also makes the spaghetti seem a bit more saucier.

I didn’t until I was 9 :flushed:

mine was 10

oh shit we genzers are too good amirite

ngl being asian kinda sucks

I sometimes reply to comments instead of the main topic.

Anyways here’s the actual confession;
I like Gacha Life as a game. Nice little game to play in the car on the way home from school. Make cute characters and shit.
I hate the community though.

I love you

(ok i cant say my confession without risk of getting banned off the forums) (hint: my confession involves r34)

8? I couldn’t do that even at 11 years old… thankfully now I can and I’m not an idiot

I haven’t learned how to swim until recently and I can’t ride a bike because I don’t know, but that’s changing soon

The worst part is, I’m not underaged, if it makes things worse

i didn’t learn until i was in 5th grade, dw

uhhhh hm. i have no sense of regret or remorse even if i feel momentary guilt

oh, and i’m also unabashedly salty that Vetex never uses any forum art for thumbnails (not mine bc my stuff isn’t meant for that) or promotionals (except Ore, and then tech with my riddle art and sheep’s webcomic. hopefully more that idk of)

I drank my dad’s soda when I wasn’t supposed to once

doesn’t that mean you do have a sense of regret?
guilt kind of entails regret as far as i know

maybe you just rebound more quickly and will go to less lengths to right a perceived wrong, idk tho

used to like drawing, school snuffed the desire out of me though
can’t look at my old sketches without coming to the eventual conclusion that had i continued i would be amazingly good right now, but the desire to continue is no longer there
though ig as with other things in life, one can never truly know

oh yeah and i have only cheated on a test once, in like 3rd grade french class
still feel really guilty about it

same on both things actually
that’s an odd coincidence