Continued from RFAO: The long awaited Deckhand Revamp is upon us

It is here.


I like them getting revamped, but I’m paranoid and anxious about whether players will sink each other’s boats or not to get deckhand levels.


I wonder if we’ll ever get to find higher level deckhands or not.

Why sink a huge Brig with abt 20k hp, probs has Dragonfire Carronades that shreds your ship’s HP, can aim wherever you are when with a Howitzer when you can just do pirate ships or navy ships. Pretty sure those are everywhere.

Either your desperate, incredibly bored or the Brig ship youre targotting has very low HP from your Dark Sea expedition… wait, oof


Im still kinda sad… I saw this really sick looking Deckhand with the edgiest but really cool drip and it was even a legendary, but I couldnt get himcause update is still not here ;-;

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Btw, you just posted 3 of the same images

Oh shoot, let me edit that, I just took the images from reminders and forgot three people posted three of the exact same thing, bruh

oh man i cant wait to make circling to the other half of the map a habit if the deckhand exp gain works with player ship sinking

There’s two kinds of people

Anyone who thinks this will increase boat pvp probably can’t afford a brig (no offense)

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my paranoia and anxiety was alive here okay? I got ganked earlier by stooges who played metal mage and lightning conjurer.

See? People already have plenty of reason to gank you, they don’t need another one. :frcryin: :frcryin: :frcryin:

I don’t know if I should be relieved or angry for grinding 1.4m fame just for nothing

Reminder that the deckhand revamp was to make them less pvp focused. It is very unlikely that player ships will be a way to level them up, or at least be the most effective way of doing it.

it’s unlikely to increase boat pvp. I assume the deckhand leveling is only from sinking npc ships not player ships because player ships don’t really have a definitive level.

Since deckhands are going to have professions, I would hope that people with existing deckhands get something that allows them to avoid them getting professions that they don’t want. It could be a choice, or perhaps each one gets a random profession but there are no duplicates.

well, all of this is cool and all but
what happens to our current deckhands?
what will renown be used for now?

Your current deckhands will mean that you don’t have to sink as many ships to as other people since you already have them.

Renown will now just be a pvp thing.

Renown will be used as a bragging rights meter.

im going to camp frostmil and murder every freshie sailboat i fucking see