Cosmetic dashes

Cosmetic dashes
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(inspired by this ^^^^^)

i think making dashes have a visual effect once you go through your first awakening would be pretty nice

it would just be some particles + a trail and it would be purely cosmetic

magic classes get their magic’s effects
strength classes get their fight style’s effects
weapon classes get an effect based around the weapon in their first slot (e.g. if you had poison tooth equipped in your first slot, you would get purple, poisonous visuals)
and vitality classes would get that weird blue effect, just like the one they get when they charge

these would all mix up based on your build ofc, just like charging effects

i agree

Love the idea, and there’s a lot that could be added to it. Weapon-based builds could get dash effects corresponding to the weapon they’re currently holding, similar to how their charge effect changes colors, Vitality builds would have their classic pulsating blue mixed in, and Berserker effects could vary depending on their fighting style.

My only concern is visual clarity. As long as they are not obstructive or misleading, it could work. However, this would most certainly fall under the purview of being a Gamepass rather than a base feature.

This brings joy to me

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