Could any character in the Arcane verse beat these characters?

Here are just some characters I’m wondering if there is a single character from the arcane verse could beat them, 1 at a time not all at once. If not then how many characters from the arcane verse would it take to beat them, if its even possible to beat them at all.


Darth Vader


Gojo(this one I’m really curious if any character from the arcane verse has a way around infinity)

Doom Guy

AM(from “I have no mouth and I must scream”)


Goku(for the sake of the argument he won’t just blow up the planet)

300 nuclear bombs

Darth Nihilis(similar to Goku he won’t outright destroy the planet)



I may edit this to add more characters in the future.

any curse user, a few non curse users too

pts luffy most people, post time skip luffy could handle 90% of the ao cast besides the heavy hitters like theos warren ect.


anyone with light magic/shadow magic could bypass his infinity bc theyre photons

fuck no especially comic supes

honestly against any planetbusters the ao cast has no chance, seeing as durza, one of the strongest people in the AU could only blow up part of the earth in his final explosion, whilst those guys do more than that casually

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Nah, I’d win.

Couldn’t Vader just hold them in place and like crush them while they can’t do anything? Assuming force = magic in this scenario he still can hurt them while they wouldn’t be able to move.

Infinity automatically filters out things that could hurt him, don’t see why magic photons would be any different

I can definitely agree with comic supes stomping, but what about DCEU supes?

That fishing guy at doom island could probably solo everyone here at once.

“x character would speed blitz, opinion denied”

koi could one tap all of those fodder

any average curse user / any strong magic user

without G5? strong curse user

with G5? nah gets him outta here man we’re not dealing a type green entity

slash curse/magic user :nod: :nod:

iirc Naruto and Sasuke combined = continent size, so probably strong curse user lv

if we’re judging by his actual feat, the most two impressivees

his punch shooks the multiverse


Duzra with his spirit from:

basically every elemental curse users:

kryptonite curse/magic user:

nah he’d win

Martin solos

Martin when Sukuna pulls out the anti-Martin technique that he hasnt used since the heian era:

can the force bypass curse users turning into their elements?

clearly not considering he got axed by sukuna

Cause that cut the entire infinite space, correct me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure typical light and shadow magic don’t do that.

I don’t see how turning into glass, wood, rocks, magma, etc would stop the force from working on them. Maybe one of the more unique curses could but I wouldn’t know which one.

I don’t necessarily know about that one, darth vader apparently has some busted as hell feats

Freedrock solos all of them with his overpowered curse and luck 5 cauldron.


it doesn’t seem very hard to kill darth vader ngl

Just own like the death curse and he’s so joever

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Freedrock when the planet is blown up (he is now 2x stronger)

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I mean that works until he waves his hand and your death blast goes flying in the other direction killing all your friends