Could the player have beaten Calvus if he had the cloud curse?

but their perception didn’t matter, the physics are still the same

ye forgot how we started this convo also this thread is going to be closed for going off topic

Calvus would beat the player considering that Morden is already pretty powerful with the death curse after a short while,(doesn’t matter if the death curse is OP) and calvus also probably had alot of training with magic.

Years in the AU are different from ours, since they are counted from when magic was introduced. As a result, the year in AO is several hundred higher than what it would be for us.

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since he’d only have had it for a month, yeah
unless your character doesn’t use magic since we’re unawakenend
the cannon ao player is a savant so yeah ig they could

Why does it not matter? The death curse being op is pretty much the only reason he survived against Julian who was a much more experienced curse user just with a weaker curse. Cloud curse is not only not an OP curse but we also know that it is a relatively weak one too. This and while Calvus has trained with magic he has no experience with an actual curse and his other skills being mid cause he stretched himself out too thin aren’t gonna help him much. Like if we allow the player the ability to hurt him even if the player isn’t a mage then it doesn’t seem like its all that much harder than him with the aether magic.


Is sun magic weak just because Promethian flame is better? Assuming that he can use all his stuff from in game he would still be very powerful. Skill is very important in the conversation because a skilled user of the glass curse almost triumphes over the concept of death turned into a tangible form of energy. If Calvus is proficient enough the player is done for.

I thought Vetex and Tech changed the war ages to BC a couple of days ago.

Except he isn’t, he’ll have the same amount of time to train with it as Morden had with the death curse. Again Morden was only able to survive because he had a really strong curse without it his lack of experience would have screwed him. In this situation Calvus has the same lack of experience with a curse AND it’s a weaker curse too, so no overwhelming power either. His other skills aren’t gonna help him much either as they aren’t very developed thanks to him trying to be good at everything. Heck he might even be worse off with the curse since he’s trading out a lost magic he’s trained for years for, again, a relatively weak curse for just a month.

I don’t think that his training would only apply to his specific magic, he wouldn’t have raw power, but he would likely have higher speed and would also think more due to his decreased power. He wouls still have all his weapons and he could fly.

Actually, Magic was given to humanity at 100 AD, so no. War Ages isnt exactly “BC”. But AO not several hundred years higher than our current time either, just 100 years ahead. so AO should’ve actually taken place in 1754-1757. Which is def fitting of the attire and customs they have at this time.

And I dont think any of the lore about the era before magic has been changed, since it has been emphasised that it’ll be covered in AO, so it seems like it’ll all be too relevant to be changed. All that happened was a title change, and maybe is only supposed to be given “The War Ages” title in the storyline itself when AO MC and the gang learn about the wars in that era. (If its 100 years AD, but only Greek myths exist, is 0 AD the year Zeus defeated Kronos or something? idk)


If he were just like switching to a different type of magic I’d somewhat agree, the thing is here he’s switching to a curse which is fairly different from a regular magic.

Can we actually say this if we haven’t actually seen how he would act with less power?

To be clear here cause I don’t know if you noticed or not, but I’ve said for this scenario he still has to fight in the throne room so flying is limited. If you did notice and are just saying flying around the room is an advantage than just ignore this part.

speaking of devourer
why isnt it avalible as boss argos boss drop when we can clearly see him use it?
edit: whoops wrong boss, thanks for pointing it out @TheFollest

Do you mean Argos?

yeah him

My guess is that because curses won’t be player obtainable its more than likely we’ll fight a curse user in the future, it wouldn’t make sense if we weren’t able to get the curse while having a devourer so its easier just to not let us have one in the first place.

I had a look and you are correct. That’s certainly interesting.