Could ( you )create a completely customized magic or spell what would it look like?

you can specify everything like , skill, rarity etc.


probably space magic, teleporting and portals are cool

a magic that has low damage but redirects attacks to the enemy if it were to hit a hostile attack, however can’t redirect against clashes it can’t win

don’t ask me how this works for beam attacks

definitely would make a lost spell but i dont have any ideas at the moment

My magma fetish has been at a high lately, so here are some magma-inspired magics

Eruption magic, which is essentially an evolution of Magma magic that encapsulates the explosiveness of a volcano’s eruption. It’s a magic with very high destruction, good impact damage and pretty weak dot. Basically Magma + apocalypse bringer/explosion. It doesn’t leave a trail of puddles, but rather bursts into puddles (and/or clouds) upon impact. [the part about hazards is optional since i plan to make them the focal point of another magic]

Molten Metal Magic, the heated counterpart to Frostmetal magic. Magma and metal are already pretty similar though in my opinion, so I guess this would basically just be some kind of happy medium between them; slightly less impact damage than metal and weaker dot than magma. This magic’s main advantage is it’s powerful synergies, effectively capitalizing on magma’s heat synergies and metal’s heavy synergies.

Volcanic Zone Magic, a combination of Magma and Ash magic, geared towards their hazards. This magic is the pinnacle of zoning; it has a large size, and every attack leaves trails of ash and puddles of magma.

Cryomagma Magic. This is a pretty dumb idea, but a combination of Ice and Magma magic in the form of a blue magma that applies a “frostburn” dot. This is another magic that specializes in synergies; it has positive interactions with both hot and cold magics.

Too lazy to think of others, so that’s all for now. Only one out of these that I actually like is Eruption, others are pretty mid

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Sounds like reflector magic which was an ancient magic concept on the Trello a long time ago


why do i even bother thinking actually of course i would make like a fucking crescent/slash barrage spell

transformation magic would also be cool, but probably entirely useless, although it would be interesting if it could change a spell to a different magic
or maybe if it hits a spell it would take on its form and continue travelling, basically letting you cast the spell
or if a spell you cast interacts with another magic in some way it would become that magic

Radiation Magic
Antimatter Magic (too op, 1 gram of this would be a city destroyed, a lvl 1 antimatter wizard would be at least 5C in vs battles)

Ferrofluid magic that fucks up the opponents clash rates completely would be cool

I’ll make one of every tier of magic

Base Magic

Mist Magic - Kinda self explanatory, use conjure mist/clouds/vapor for magic. Large size, creates clouds similar to Poison or Ash, makes it nigh-impossible to see through. Basically just like a larger smoke arrow ig after every attack.

Lost Magic

Enchantment - Bestow positive or negative attributes to a person or thing for a given or indefinite amount of time. Similar to the lost spell of the same name but more varied and potent.

Ancient Magic

Fate Magic - Alter fate to suit your desires, sometimes a meteor is just fated to crash into someone or an attack is fated to avoid you, use your magic to alter the course of the universe itself. Blatantly and objectively overpowered but /shrug

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Plant Magic

A base magic that is low in damage and average in speed. Its main gimmick is a status called “Immobilized” Which stuns anyone hit by a Plant magic attack for 2-3 seconds. This status would boost the damage of fire magics such as fire, flare, plasma, etc.


Attack would be made up of vines. This magic would have three variants:

Vines - green vines wrapped together
Thorned - Green and brown vines with thorns wrapped together
Blossoms - Green vines with pink and red flowers wrapped together

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Here's a few magics

Would be cool if it looked kinda like hollow knight spirit spells

We has very few Mid/Cold base magics so here i go:

Light-Blue fire that after dealing 5 second of burn damage inflict Freezing effect. Basicly cold fire with ice.

Wind-like magic that when contact with surface sucks up nearby entities in it.

Water tornados + when contacted with water creates a small whirlpool for 2 seconds


Basicly you put magic circle in air, while placed it will aim to where your cursor is, and when pressed again will shoot the spell(Beam).
Basicly you can put this spell down, start doing your own things and then fire it at any moment.

You shoot blast that when pressed again, will re-direct blast in direction where you cursor is.

WOW , I honestly like the ideia of magma and snow combo


wth magics don’t have rarities it’s base, lost, ancient

Trap Spell - summons a Explosion like circle that will be invisible after 10-15 seconds, and after 60 seconds its gonna be active, after its activation if someone touches circle it will deal AoE Damage, or its can be detonated by using spell again.

Magic Speed-up Spell - makes every spell have less delay for choosen amout of time, less amount of time choosen less delay for spells is (time can be Minimum 5 or Maximum 120).