Create a literature masterpiece by adding a post after the person above

note: this is heavily inspired by “create an story abt me by adding a post after the pesron above you” by darkzoul1234.

“on an rainy night in the war seas, an little boy was laying sleepless in his bed”

“suddenly he felt the urge to poop”

Nope! It was all just a dream. Sleepless? Never heard of it. How silly of him. It would be horrific if something bad happened that changed this potential masterpiece of a story.
The night was quiet, but all of a sudden…
Thunder struck outside with a crack.
And there appeared

a toilet
“I MUST POOP”, he cries

But no, it was just his bed…

(Also, why is this reminding me of that really wacky story I read when I was younger? Literally the same plotline, but pee)

He realized that if the bed was his toilet, the toilet is his bed

Suddenly, he looke at the watch. It was exactly 3:00 AM. Out of the toilet bowl leapt a skibidi toilet herobrine amogus.

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He takes lethal doses of fentanyl to escape from Gen Alpha brainrot. He is now in a purgatory-like dimension.

Purgatory is much better to be honest. Oh look! Over theres Vetexgames!

vetexgames turns to him and gives him a deathly stare, before uttering the words “skibidi toilet rizz”

Each and every one of his limbs rips apart as he is blasted with cataclysmic force rivaling only the sun.

Suddenly, he wakes up in his bed. His limbs are intact. He decides not to sleep anymore, instead going to his PC. He opens up Arcane Odyssey, gets K.O.'d by a metamancer and loses a ton of renown and clan infamy. “Stupid vetex, unable to balance the game”, he mutters to himself.

vetex took that personally.

He called forth his trusted friends and had but one request: “Make for me, the most infamous ganking clan in all of the War Seas”

And so, he founded the noble pirates, with the first base being in a snowy isolated island

Sadly, there was a level 289 criminal warlock with 2 magics and 3 fighting styles on it.

But the powers from above refused to end his journey there, and gifted him the phoenix curse

he still got clapped as those brainless pieces of #!@* dodge every attack and do 200+ damage per hit

Deciding to cut his losses, he runs away. (coward)

the npc proceeds to fly after him